Pink Lawn Flamingos And Fundraising The Latest Trend In Generating Money For Non Profits

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Pink Lawn Flamingos And Fundraising The Latest Trend In Generating Money For Non Profits

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Pink Lawn Flamingos and Fundraising – The Latest Trend in Generating Money for NonProfits


Shawn Smithteem

Over the last couple years a new movement has developed in fundraising methods: pink flamingo fund raising.

While it might sound a little goofy when you first consider it. However the non-profit organizations that are doing it simply can’t argue with its strength in raising $100s+ in contributions. Also, fund-raising ought to be enjoyable for everyone involved, after all.

Well, What’s This All About?


For example, take for instance a church service would like to initiate a pink lawn flamingo fund-raising event.

The church service announces that they are now conducting the pink flamingo party. Then some fellow members of the church building plot together in secret, determine a target, and go to the targets house, either when the target is at work or maybe in the cover of night. On arrival, the target’s lawn is covered with a flock of pink flamingos and a sign is placed on the that says “You’ve just been flamingoed!”

The “target” must give a free-will donation of $10-$20 to have the pink lawn flamingos taken out, however donations of 50-100 dollars aren’t uncommon.

The target then can choose who’s the very next member of the organization to have their lawn pink flamingoed, and the fun starts all over again.

Top Three Benefits

1. Pink flamingo fund-raising brings unites everyone involved. It’s an enjoyable method to keep people conntected so there’s nobody that might feel left out. If you want a social, active nonprofit group then this ougt to be the most important advantage to you.

2. Some times individuals just don’t have things talk about. That’s fine. Pink flamingo fundraising is the perfect conversation subject. Everyone wants to hear about where the flock is and who is going to get flamingoed next.

3. Of course the last advantage is the fund raising method itself. A couple of the larger non-profit organizations have a few pink flamingo flocks running at once, raising the amount of donations that come into the non-profit. You just may think about this point too if you are running with a non-profit organization that is a significant size.

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