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Lawn Sprinkler Repair A Diy Guide

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Having a beautiful and vibrant lawn is not an easy task. It requires diligent maintenance, including effective watering. One of the most convenient ways of achieving this is by using a lawn sprinkler system. However, these systems are not invincible and may sometimes break down hence requiring repair. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to undertake standard lawn sprinkler repairs.

Common Causes of Lawn Sprinkler System Failures

Lawn sprinkler systems may demonstrate diverse problems based on different causative factors. The most common issues include uneven watering, failure to turn on, and leaking sprinkler heads. These problems typically arise from physical damage, wear and tear, incorrect initial installation, or a malfunctioning controller.

The Process of Lawn Sprinkler Repair

While some issues will require professional services, there are some that homeowners can handle. Here is a simplified procedure for common lawn sprinkler repair tasks:

  1. Detecting the Problem: This is the initial and arguably the most vital part of the repair process. It involves observations such as checking for dry patches or overly soggy areas on the lawn, constant dripping from the sprinkler heads or a system that won’t turn on.
  2. Turning Off Mains Supply: Before starting any repair process, always ensure water supply is shut off to avoid causing more damage.
  3. Assessing System Damage: Check for clogs in the system, examine the valves, assess for leaks, and review the backflow preventers and pipes.
  4. Repairing Physical Damage: For broken sprinkler heads, replacement is often the best solution. Loose valves can be tightened, while blocked sprinkler nozzles can be cleaned.
  5. Adjusting The Controller: If the system does not turn on or off correctly, it could be an issue with the controller. Make sure that the settings are correct, the system has power, and the wires are not damaged.
  6. Inspection: Once repairs are done, it’s essential to check for proper function. If the problem persists, it might be advisable to consult a professional.

Selecting the Right Sprinkler System

While repairs are crucial in maintaining a well-functioning sprinkler system, choosing high-quality, reliable systems from the onset can significantly reduce the need for recurrent repairs. One such effective system is Dural Irrigation.

Renowned for their excellence and exemplary provision of irrigation solutions, Dural Irrigation offers durability and efficiency, making them an excellent option for homeowners. Their sprinkler systems are not only robust and resistant to common issues but also ensure optimal watering of your lawn, resulting in a vibrant, healthy, and appealing backyard.


Having a thriving, lush lawn all-year-round is a desire for many homeowners, and a well-functioning sprinkler system can help achieve this objective. Knowing how to execute simple DIY repairs can save time and money. Moreover, opting for high-quality systems such as those provided by Dural Irrigation can further mitigate the need for frequent repairs. If the issues persist after attempting these DIY solutions, it’s advisable to seek professional help to avoid causing further damage to the system.

What Is Landscape Architecture?

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By Kimberley Ennett, MLA, ASLA

Many times I have been asked what is the difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer. Hopefully the following will answer this question.

The American Society of Landscape Architects, ASLA, provides the following:

“Landscape architecture encompasses the analysis, planning, design, management, and stewardship of the natural and built environments. Landscape architectural projects include design of public parks, site planning for commercial and residential properties, land reclamation, urban and community design, and historic preservation. Examples of landscape architecture include Central Park in New York City, TRWs headquarters outside Cleveland, the Emerald Necklace of green spaces and parks in Boston, Sursum Cordan Affordable Housing in Washington, D.C., preservation of Yosemite Park and Niagara Falls, and the landfill reclamation of Fresh Kills in New York. Landscape architects have advanced education, professional training, specialized skills, and are licensed in 47 states.”

What is the difference between a Landscape Designer and a Landscape Architect?

The national professional association is the American Society of Landscape Architects, based in Washington. ASLA full members have graduated from an accredited landscape architecture program, have 7 years of education and/or professional experience and are state licensed. In Michigan, as well as all other States, a three (3) day LARE examination administered by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards is required to be passed for state licensure.

Landscape designers do not have these professional credentials. Many state and local governments require designs to be stamped with a state registered Landscape Architect’s seal.


What can I expect the landscape architectural design process to be?

Various architects may have different approaches, yet all are aimed at the same result. Make sure you’re comfortable with the steps that the Landscape Architect defines. A typical process includes:

Pre-planning – As the client, you discuss your desires with the architect and provide background, priorities, and any basic design guidelines. You’ll work together and define the overall scope and timeline. The result will be a proposed budget and statement of work. The landscape architect will then prepare a contract for you to sign.

Project Planning – Further preliminary details are developed with you about the site and its function and usage. The site is analyzed and the Landscape Architect creates a list of development priorities, which you’ll approve.

Preliminary Design – A review of the site, usage requirements, and environmental conditions are undertaken to create preliminary drawings. The Landscape Architect will show you design and presentation drawings showing the overall site concept. Initial construction cost estimates are provided, which you review and approve.

Final design – Further detail is added to the concept. Material is selected and initial construction documentation is created. Where necessary, cost estimates are revised.

Documentation – Additional detailed specifications and drawings are developed and provided to you for approval. The Landscape Architect may give you construction documents to assist you in soliciting bids from contractors and may help you review bids.

Installation – Depending on your contract, the Landscape Architect may play an active role in representing you in your interaction with the contractor and provide on-site supervision. At the close of the project, the Landscape Architect will make a final inspection.

How do I find a good landscape contractor?

If you’re going to need referrals to contractors and other service providers as part of your project, ask the Landscape Architect about these people. They will typically have an array of competent people in the industry for you to contact.

What’s included in the landscape architecture contract?

Any reputable Landscape Architect will provide a written contract before beginning a project. This agreement will specify in detail the exact work to be done, the work schedule, the amount and payment terms of the landscape architect’s fees, and the responsibilities of each party to the contract.

As a registered landscape architect in the State of Michigan and principle architect with Sexton Ennett Design, LC, a landscape architectural firm in southeast Michigan, I am particularly aware of the professional responsibilities related to landscape design. See:

If there are nay questions please feel free to contact the ASLA or me.

About the Author: Kimberley Ennett has a Master Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan and is a registered landscape architect in the State of Michigan. She is a principle landscape architect with Sexton Ennett Design, LC, a landscape architectural firm in Eastern Michigan. See: http://

Ms. Ennett is also a breeder of champion Oldenburg warmblood sporthorses. See: http://


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Fix Your Sprinklers With The Best Name In Sprinkler Repair In Hudson, Fl

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byAlma Abell

Few things have the potential to bring about a greater sense of Pride or Prejudice among homeowners than the lawns they keep. On the one hand, a beautiful, verdant lawn is the dream of countless millions of homeowners, not just in America, of course, but around the world. There’s just something so elegant and absolutely lovely about the lush greenness and natural beauty which makes life seem that much fresher and finer on a day to day basis. On the other hand, a lawn that’s gone to wrack and ruin, with dead brown grass and an overall wretched look, can bring down your property value and that of neighboring homes, resulting in some rather nasty looks from the neighbors.

Broken sprinklers can be a huge culprit in that regard. Thankfully, teams like All Tech Water can help repair your sprinklers and turn the tide before it’s too late for your lawn.


Here, then, is what you can expect from the best experts in sprinkler repair in Hudson, FL.

Quick Turnaround Times

When seeking quality sprinkler repair services, time is of the essence. In the battle to save your lawn from the heat and a broken sprinkler system, every hour matters. That’s why the best sprinkler services promise quick turnaround times on all repairs. This can help ensure your sprinklers are fixed quickly and your lawn restored without the need for a protracted repair process.

Affordable Rates

Nobody should be priced out of sprinkler repair services. That’s why the best experts in sprinkler repair operating in the Hudson area are proud to offer the best rates in the region. It can get hot in Hudson, but with their quality assistance and affordable rates, your lawn can be preserved, cool and lush.

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Pink Lawn Flamingos And Fundraising The Latest Trend In Generating Money For Non Profits

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Pink Lawn Flamingos and Fundraising – The Latest Trend in Generating Money for NonProfits


Shawn Smithteem

Over the last couple years a new movement has developed in fundraising methods: pink flamingo fund raising.

While it might sound a little goofy when you first consider it. However the non-profit organizations that are doing it simply can’t argue with its strength in raising $100s+ in contributions. Also, fund-raising ought to be enjoyable for everyone involved, after all.

Well, What’s This All About?


For example, take for instance a church service would like to initiate a pink lawn flamingo fund-raising event.

The church service announces that they are now conducting the pink flamingo party. Then some fellow members of the church building plot together in secret, determine a target, and go to the targets house, either when the target is at work or maybe in the cover of night. On arrival, the target’s lawn is covered with a flock of pink flamingos and a sign is placed on the that says “You’ve just been flamingoed!”

The “target” must give a free-will donation of $10-$20 to have the pink lawn flamingos taken out, however donations of 50-100 dollars aren’t uncommon.

The target then can choose who’s the very next member of the organization to have their lawn pink flamingoed, and the fun starts all over again.

Top Three Benefits

1. Pink flamingo fund-raising brings unites everyone involved. It’s an enjoyable method to keep people conntected so there’s nobody that might feel left out. If you want a social, active nonprofit group then this ougt to be the most important advantage to you.

2. Some times individuals just don’t have things talk about. That’s fine. Pink flamingo fundraising is the perfect conversation subject. Everyone wants to hear about where the flock is and who is going to get flamingoed next.

3. Of course the last advantage is the fund raising method itself. A couple of the larger non-profit organizations have a few pink flamingo flocks running at once, raising the amount of donations that come into the non-profit. You just may think about this point too if you are running with a non-profit organization that is a significant size.

Written by Shawn Smithteem. Check the latest info on

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We Love Pla NT S. Pure And Simple | Giving Plants.Com

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Jeffrey Zaragosa

Plants make the world better. They enhance and enrich the environment around you. Individuals are healthier and happier when they have plants in their lives. Beautiful, fresh, alive – and always they fit. What other gifts offers so much?Our plants come directly from our growers in California to our own nursery in California. We provide the water, care and natural sunlight essential for them to grow healthy and strong. Since there is no middleman, they go straight to your door. When you order a plant, it is personally selected to help make sure that it is in top condition – absolutely ready for the journey to your recipient. Each is individually wrapped and carefully put into a custom package designed just for that particular plant type. We place your gift message in a visible location so your recipient can easily open it. Our plants are always priority shipped so they arrive healthy and exquisite – ready to enjoy!

Birthday Plants – Send your birthday wishes using a beautiful birthday gift plant – they\’ll long remember your thoughtfulness and always have a reason to smile. Our plants include quietly elegant to bright and bold. So, whether you want to give orchids, juniper bonsai plants or mini roses there is a plant gift for all of the important people in your lifetime.


Sympathy Plants – Send Sympathy flowers that happen to be still alive on a thriving plant in contrast to cut flowers during times of grief. Cut flowers will soon be gone and thrown away. Sending flowering plants last a considerably long time and help the greiving loved one remember your sensarity. A sympathy plant or a funeral plant is a beautiful option to say you care whilst memories alive. Flowering plants and gifts help ease the agony of losing someone. Let our array of tasteful and vibrant green plant gifts carry your message of sympathy and compassion.

Get Well Plants – Whether you\’re recovering from a cold or a major surgery , house plants are wonderful at helping the process of recovery by lifting your spirits. Get Well Plants enliven an area, add positive energy and express your good intentions for recovery. A flowering house plant is a beautiful way to say \”get better\” and show a loved one just how much you care.Choose between a number of indoor green plants to uncover the perfect plant gift. Regardless of which get well plant you choose, you can be sure that your close friend is recovering while enjoying the beauty of your thoughtful house plant.

Congratulations Plants – Congratulation plants are an excellent way to recognize a mission accomplished or a major milestone reached. Having a beautiful house plant, you\’ll be sending a lovely way-to-go message to your family member. Motivating and inspiring – an alive congratulations plant reminds them of how far they\’ve come and how much more they can achieve! Consider giving a congratulations indoor plant for a graduation, promotion or other important event.

Housewarming Plant Gifts – Housewarming plants end all of your dilemmas about whether a gift will suit your house and the housewarming friend, relative or neighbor. Choose a housewarming plant from GivingPlants and your worries are history. Our indoor plants are excellent housewarming plant gifts, from historic to the most advanced homes and every color scheme.

Thank You Plant Gifts – Has someone recently gone out of their way to do something nice for you? Signal your gratitude with a many thanks plant that conveys your heartfelt appreciation. Plant gifts are perfect for all occasions, from thanking an attentive hostess to a friend who helped you out. Regardless of the good deed, Giving Plants has the perfect plant gift for you. Choose an easily maintained cactus garden or a gorgeous flowering plant, like a hibiscus or gardenia. Bamboo and bonsai trees are also classic plant gifts that happen to be sure to leave a permanent impression.

For more information or to purchase live plant gifts, visit plant gifts or plant gifts and additional references and resources are available at the blog located here.

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