May 24

Submitted by: Bob Fischer

Caregivers for seniors are typically paid providers but they may also be volunteers from a government or nonprofit organization. Where care is being provided in the home there is often a mix of formal and informal care provided. And the trend is towards using more formal care since, unlike the past, more informal respite caregivers are employed. They choose to remain employed but must juggle limited time between caregiving and maintaining a household and a job. These added responsibilities often make it necessary to hire non-medical home care aides to provide supervision and help when the primary caregiver cannot be present. Or as adult day services become more common, caregivers may pay for this form of formal caregiving to get rest or to allow for maintaining some employment. When care is no longer possible in the home, then formal caregivers come into play on a full-time basis. This may be in the form of a congregate living arrangement, assisted living, home nursing agency, a continuing care retirement community or a nursing home. It is at this point that long term care can have a significant impact on the finances of the care recipient and a healthy spouse living at home.

Care facilities are quite expensive and the cost for maintaining a spouse in such a living arrangement may rob a healthy spouse at home of an adequate standard of living. It’s quite possible the healthy spouse may end up with food stamps and subsidized housing where, before the need for a care facility, this may not have been the case.Or it is more often the case that the couple recognizes this dilemma of splitting living arrangements in two locations and an attempt will be made to keep the spouse needing care at home as long as possible. This may help with the finances but often results in destroying the physical and emotional health of the caregiver by creating a situation where the caregiver has difficulty coping with the responsibilities and physical demands. Another reality of providing informal care services in the home is the increasing need for physical and emotional support that often goes unrecognized until too late. As care needs increase, both in the number of hours required and in the number or intensity of activities requiring help, there is a greater need for the services of formal caregivers. Unfortunately, many informal caregivers become so focused on their task they don’t realize they are getting in over their heads and they have reached the point where some or complete formal caregiving is necessary. Or the informal caregiver may recognize the need for paid, professional help but does not know where to get the money to pay for it. Other members of the family should be aware of this burden and be prepared to step in and help their loved one who is providing care recognize the possibility of becoming overloaded. It is also the job of a care manager or a financial adviser or an attorney to recognize this need with the client caregiver and provide the necessary counsel to protect the caregiver from overload. The advisor can also likely find a source for paying for formal care that the caregiver may not be aware of. An overloaded caregiver is likely to develop depression and/or physical ailments and could end up needing long term care as well. The consequences of not being able to cope with the burden of caregiving might even result in an early death for the caregiver.

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May 11

Submitted by: Michael Singer

If you are as lucky as I am to work from home, you could probably list the same benefits I would: we don’t commute, we set our own hours, we surf the web whenever we want without someone breathing down our necks, we respond to very important emails in our pajamas. Yes, working from home is a luxury, but we’ve all heard that too much of a good thing isn’t so good. And working from home can be the same way.

About three months after I started working from home, I sat at my computer something I’d been doing for nine solid hours and realized I might be going crazy. I went to a coffee shop just so I could see other people, hear human voices, interact on even the most superficial level. I realized that my living at home, combined with my working from home, was a little too much of home. And a change was needed if I was going to keep my sanity.

Salvation came in the form of a room redesign an idea I had as I was standing in line at the market waiting to pay for frozen vegetables. I don’t know why, we’ll just call it a cosmic gift.

Being only three months into my freelance career, I was far from earning the income I aspired to earn and decided I’d have to remodel the whole room, furniture and all, on less than a grand. And I did it. And quite frankly, it was worth every penny to sit down at my computer refreshed and invigorated, and without fantasies of ordering mocha lattes in ten different intonations running through my head. Here’s how I did it:

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$662 bought me an amazingly comfortable task chair and a brand new, ultra sleek, highly customizable computer table and ergonomic keyboard tray from Versa Products, Inc. Since shipping was free, I saved a bundle by ordering it online. They had cheaper desks and chairs, but if I’m going to spend 10 hours a day using something, I want it to be functional and comfortable.

$23 bought me two colors of paint one for the walls, the other for the accent wall and floor crown moulding. It’s amazing how much energy comes from color. Pick one that inspires you.

$74 went toward plants to liven the place up. Bringing nature inside has a calming effect and plants bring life. I chose palms for the floor and spider plants (super cheap) for the shelves. They’re both easy to maintain and don’t need exorbitant amounts of light.

$88 bought me a new desk set color coordinated pens, folders, mouse pad, stapler, the works. Organizers reduce clutter, which reduce stress. And the color-coded files save me time when I’m looking for something I would have misplaced before.

$55 for a new desk lamp. Proper light, I found an adjustable halogen lamp with a sleek, slim base at

$45 for an individual cup coffee maker and a bag of really good French Vanilla coffee. Now I get to smell the coffee being made right at my desk.

Add it up, less than $1,000. And so worth it. I’m convinced my productivity has increased since my little makeover but even if it hasn’t, at least I enjoy working from home all over again. Paradise found.

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Mar 29

All about Assisted Living in Albuquerque


Vikram Kumar

Albuquerque is the largest and the most populous city in New Mexico, and is an extremely beautiful place to be in. You’ll find people of all ages living here, and some of them even live alone. Now in the case of senior citizens, it is not really safe or a good option to leave them all by their selves after a certain age. Most often, they need help to carry out their daily activities, or they require someone to assist them to cater to their healthcare needs. Also, the older people need much more love and care than anybody else in the world. To put two and two together, there are a number of centers for Assisted Living in Albuquerque.

An Assisted living center is synonymous to a housing system which is different from a nursing home because of its homely atmosphere and provision of an array of matchless services. The Top Rated Assisted Living facilities in Albuquerque makes the living centers all the more special, and livable! The general services include beauty and salon services, jetted bathtubs, physical aid with complicated medical problems and equipment, diabetics management, community areas with recreational facilities, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, incontinence care, outdoor courtyard for the patients to relax and unwind, library, meditation room and many more!

When is the time you should move to an Assisted Living in Albuquerque?

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A number of reasons could chip in for someone to move to an Assisted Living Center. Some of them are:

Being isolated socially: You may notice your grandparents or parents distant themselves from their social groups or close friends, and this could be signs of depression. In some cases, they can also be scared of traveling alone because they feel unsafe to drive by themselves.

Memory issues: As you grow older, your memory power tends to weaken. Therefore, older people especially are at the risk of facing memory issues which could also lead to serious accidents when they’re left alone. This is when an Assisted Living Centre comes at rescue!

Inability to maintain: You may notice your old parents’ house is always in a mess, the dishes are not washed for days, there are unopened mails and bills stacked up, and a lot of garbage piled up at corners of the house; these are sure signs the oldies are unable to even keep up with their daily chores.

When the caregiver is stressed: You would see ample cases where the old ones’ own kin do not want to take their responsibility. The seniors feel dejected and ignored by their own children and they start feeling they have nowhere to go to. This is the time they can take shelter in the Assisted Living in Albuquerque.

Wandering: Some patients suffering from Dementia tend to wander about anywhere and at any time, which is risky, because they may meet with accidents or the like at any interval!

The Top Rated Assisted Living facilities in Albuquerque prove to be a ‘home away from home’ for the patients/clients. In this New Mexican city, the average cost of living in an Assisted Living is roughly $3500 per month. There are a thousand options to choose from. Do your homework, and research about the services, facilities offered, and prices charged by each living center individually. Make an informed decision accordingly.

Centers for

Assisted Living in Albuquerque

are the best place to live in for people who are either old or always need someone to look after their health, or are searching for companionship and peace. The

Top Rated Assisted Living facilities in Albuquerque

make sure the people avail the best of services there and live a better life.

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Dec 25

Submitted by: Annya Kumar

Assetz Marq Bangalore dwellings set apart the gold standard that is costly, superb, chic, unique and unusual. Flip during the image of the comfy residences planned for those who long for to facts an elite royal level of comfort. This under budget project is building a joint utilize advancement at Whitefield, Bangalore of business-related, retail and greeting with a unit of totality no. of 1700 chore and well-resourced accommodation units of poles apart resolves 2 and 3bhk sumptuous and grind apartments. This splendid project is under fire on the way to ITes and IT institutes bounded by 10 kms radius of the desired region. Assetz Marq Whitefield, Bangalore will be created enjoyably with all the services. This marvellous project is designed with the amenities of vastu shastra where you can know-how the useful vibes. When you will go into your reverie of dwelling you will shrewdness the enjoyment in the region of you. It is having 7 towers amongst G + 8, G + 9, G + 23, G + 13 as well as G + 26 extremely careful through up to date character.

Subsequent to Mumbai; Silicon city is the highly well planned metropolitan metropolis. Sequence of constructions by way of usual but contemporary structural design is the citys most significant subject. Together with this; it is the region of quite a few top-notch schools, Bangalore Film institution and it is the region of diverse kinds of gorgeous housing project. Here a person can come across a particular cleanness and peaceful loveliness and that offers a particular housing atmosphere. If you are in preparation to desire most excellent housing result in this city; then you should get a glance at Assetz Marq in Whitefield Bangalore, it is single among the highly gorgeous under building housing projects. It is designed to be expanded at Whitefield which has a number of good-looking city services. Together with the site advantage project is as well most excellent for the particular onsite facilities additionally as for a number of extraordinary quality; which you can recover from the residential apartment Assetz Marq Review.

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Bangalore is single among the highly impressive quiet cities in India. It is the region of well-known didactic centre and it is as well put of quite a few MNCs and IT companies. Quite a few elements in this metropolis are well-known for housing point; bust most well-known housing centre of this metropolis is Whitefield and the new coming project is developing at this extraordinary spot. This region is bounded by shopping malls, several educational centers, hospitals. As well; with the facilities of quite a lot of roadway transport amenities one can simply admittance other high-flying parts of this metropolis as of project location. As a result; right away select your apartments at this new coming project in Bangalore.

Marq, planned in the region of your life, ensuring that you take pleasure in a hassle-free living. Bordered by well recognized residential regions, hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions you are in close nearness to all that you require. With first class facilities at these apartments you can feel protected, safe, tranquil and happy. Well attached to metropoliss business regions, educational organizations and shopping neighbourhoods.

Reen apartments of under budget and under construction project are the first pace to finding the equipments. The real meaning of method you desire out of existence. At here, you have a countless reasons to grin for; you are true next to the whole thing that you desire.

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Dec 10

Submitted by: Angie Aristone

According to Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist Ned Hallowell, Flow naturally transforms a weakling into a muscleman, a sketcher in an artist, a dancer into a ballerina, a plodder into a sprinter, an ordinary person into someone extraordinary. Everything you do, you do better in flow, from baking a chocolate cake, to planning a vacation, to solving a differential equation, to writing a business plan, to playing tennis to making love.

Unfortunately, flow is an elusive state of consciousness. To my knowledge, there are three reliable, scientifically proven methods of getting into flow. One is a helmet that uses electromagnetic fields to shut down parts of the brain. Designed by DARPA, the research arm of the American military, and tested on snipers in training, its not likely to be widely available to the general public anytime soon. Biocybernaut training, which utilizes advanced and expensive neurofeedback equipment designed by Dr. James Hardt is another option. Requiring a week or more of intensive training, its not an easily accessible option. The third way in is simple, put yourself in a life or death situation where your skills match the challenge. Again, not something that most people are willing to do.

As a psychic-medium and animal telepath, my work depends on flow. Its only in flow that we gain access to latent extra-ordinary abilities that allow us to do anything better, and the seemingly impossible. I have to slip into flow on a daily basis, often several times a day, to do my work. Theres no faking it. What I do is impossible! Except in flow. In flow, we begin to access and integrate telepathic information about the task at hand, which is why I can do what I do and super-human performance is possible in flow states.

I taught myself how to access flow, and anyone can do it. Most of us do, or have experienced flow, in sports, hobbies, meaningful work, or a great conversation. I go through the same stages psychologists understand athletes and performers go through to get to flow: struggle, release, flow and integration. As the name implies, struggle isnt fun, but its helpful. Adrenaline flows, anxiety increases, but so does focus. Flow is all about focus, about fully losing yourself in whatever youre about to do. Risk or vulnerability helps to narrow our focus. I dont like it, but the magic and pure joy we find on the other side is worth it.

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I sometimes say that slipping into flow feels like youre dying. Part of you is dying: your ego. Our rational, thinking, survivor minds have to shut off before we can access the power of flow. Even though our egos only temporarily disappear from existence in flow, they sure dont like it. Admittedly, sometimes we come back from flow experiences transformed, and parts of our egos that no longer serve us have died in a way. Thats why we need integration time after a flow experience.

The process of getting into flow gets easier with practice though, and practice can be indulgent! You can practice and get more comfortable in flow in safe, fun and easy ways, then take your skills into whatever you want to do better. So here are my top three tips for slipping into flow:

1. Lose yourself in your senses

Take the time to really, really notice and savor every sensual detail of anything and everything you experience. Enjoy a great cup of coffee, glass of wine, or a meal. Notice and describe every nuance and subtlety. Having a buddy to describe your experiences to can deepen your noticing, and make the process even more fun! If you love fashion, take yourself shopping. Feel fabrics, and how outfits feel. Take a bath with essential oils, visit a flower shop or smell the herbs at the farmers market.

Notice where sensations and smells take you, the images and memories they elicit. Youll be exercising discernment, the ability to pull more and more meaningful information out of subtler and subtler cues, even telepathic cues. Youll also be getting your ego more comfortable with the process of losing yourself in focus.

2. Play

Child and adolescent brains are naturally wired for flow, thats why we learn so fast when were kids. Letting our kid parts out to play can be fun and indulgent, but there is a huge upside! The more you can relax, be in the moment, and bring a playfully creative attitude to anything you do, the more likely you are to slip back into your natural childhood state of flow.

3. Daydream

Flow is a dreamlike state of consciousness, and can feel very much like a dream. Time dilates, we lose our sense of self, our attention goes where its needed, and creative, sometimes strange associations and insights spring to mind. Daydreaming has received a bad rap as unproductive and frivolous, but its a flow state we can practice in, use to jump into flow, and can be harnessed towards productive ends to gain valuable insights and ideas. Daydreaming through creative visualization has also been shown by psychologists to be almost as effective as actually practicing an activity. Creative visualization is standard practice for elite athletes and olympians for good reason!

Of course, losing yourself in your senses, play and daydreaming can be applied directly to almost anything you want to do better, as well as for practicing flow, once you appreciate the value these practices offer. Happy indulging!

About the Author: Angie Aristone is a Conscious Living Coach, Psychic-Medium, Animal Telepath and Speaker. Angie and her partner Rod are co-authors of the book Consciousness Becomes You, an intimate exploration of consciousness and extra-ordinary abilities. More information at



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