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156 730 Actual Exam}

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Submitted by: Brent Fowler

Question: 1

Which protocols are supported by the THREAT EMULATION blade?

A. CIFS, FTP, and optional HTTP and SMTP support


C. HTTP and SMTP only, there is no SSL/TLS security support

D. HTTP(S), SMTP/TLS with optional CIFS

Answer: D

Question: 2

Which SmartConsole can you use to view Threat Emulation forensics reports?

A. SmartView Monito

B. SmartView Reporte

C. SmartLog

D. SmartDashboard

Answer: C

Question: 3

How does Threat Extraction work?

A. Scan and extract files for Command and Control activity.

B. It emulates a document and, if malicious, converts it into a PDF.

C. It extracts active content from a document.

D. It scans the document for malicious code and removes it.

Answer: C

Question: 4

What kind of approach or approaches will Check Point SandBlast apply to prevent malicious EXE-files?

A. Machine learning algorithmB. Signature

B. Exploit

C. Whitelist and Exploit

Answer: C

Question: 5

You have installed the SandBlast Agent with forensics. An attack has occurred, which triggered the Forensics Blade to collect information. You clicked to open the forensics report but for some reason it is not showing the report as it should. What could be the issue?

A. The attack was based on a macro and the Forensics Blade only supports executables.

B. There is a Microsoft update missing which causes the report not to show as it should.

C. There was no real attack and this is a false positive.

D. Threat Emulation is disabled.

Answer: B

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3 Requirements Of A Northern Virginia Limo Service For Formal Occasions}

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3 Requirements of a Northern Virginia Limo Service for Formal Occasions


Limo Service DC Finding the right company to provide transportation for formal occasions shouldn’t be a bother, but you shouldn’t settle for the first option found either. Make sure that the business with which you book offers everything needed for perfected and disruption-free service. Whether you plan to marry or enjoy prom this Spring, your Limo Service Northern VA must be timely, glamorous, and high quality.Professional Driving Ensures TimelinessRecognizing the need to be on-time for your wedding or prom should inspire you to hire a company with a history of timeliness when you book a wedding or prom limo in DC. Policies and procedures regarding drivers as well as the attitude toward scheduling and vehicle maintenance are keys to ensuring timeliness. Be on time to marry or dance when you allow our chauffeurs to deliver you in a prompt manner. They are all well-trained, evaluated, and screened for drug use or criminal background issues. We hold them accountable for their behavior, courtesy, driving, and punctuality as key factors on evaluations. Your plans won’t skip a beat when you ride with us. Standard Requisite GlamourGlamour for your formal prom or DC Hummer Limo shouldn’t be at additional cost. Professional transport should always be glamorous. Realizing this need, our entire fleet has a consistency of glamour from the vehicle to the service. No matter the size of the machine needed or the style preferred, expect the best for your formal plans. Our vehicles are fully insured, licensed, and bonded in addition to impeccably cleaned and proactively maintained. We even offer personalization options via flexible customer support staff.Personalized Rides for All OccasionsWhen purchasing service, your booking demands access to flexible and appropriate customer service. We view satisfaction as priority number one and do what it takes to prove this commitment. Our respect for your experience as you marry or attend prom necessitates a high-quality vehicle with appropriate service. We aim to customize when possible and look forward to serving each customer with consideration and care. Around the clock availability assures our customers of quick satisfaction whether they have special requests or problems with service.Formal events require special attire, attention to grooming, and professional travel arrangements. As you prepare to celebrate coming adulthood with other prom attendees or marry the love of your life, leave nothing to chance. Book with us using our online reservation system, give us your schedule, and rely on us to deliver appropriate and customized high quality transportation to and from your event. Priority Three: Qualified and Prepared ChauffeursThe driver of the transport has a large impact on the experience that goes well beyond safety. We screen our chauffeurs to ensure that they are free of both background issues or drug problems. In addition, we mandate comprehensive training and evaluation to guarantee qualification and preparedness. Our chauffeurs aren’t allowed to become lax. We require area familiarity as well as outfit every machine with a constantly updated navigational system. Prom transport will be an extension of the celebration because riders can interact and enjoy themselves while our courteous drivers handle the necessary elements of transport. Priority Four: BackupAllowing young adults to attend prom can be an anxious time for the adults involved. Knowing that you can have constant contact with the transportation company is critical. If the unforeseen hiccup occurs, we can be there to assist with problems or provide accommodations at any time. You can also personalize the service to make the ride suit the needs of the occasion.


There are some key aspects that the founders of DC Limousine Service wanted to focus on: safety, reliability, and comfort. They’ve achieved that with all of their vehicles, and more, having been successful for more than 20 years. They offer immediate billing, can handle short notice reservations, and have one of the largest fleets of limos and buses from which to choose, making them one of the best in the region.

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Excellent Pediatric Services In Richmond Hill}

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Excellent Pediatric Services in Richmond Hill


Angela Gluck

Some people can be president; some people know the best talent in the world- i.e Pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentist is those dentists who take care of the child from the birth to the adolescent. Kids are not the adults. They are the small creatures of this universe. Dental examination is the crucial task for the kids. They are not as patient and cooperative as the elder one. Many dental offices advertise themselves as family dental clinics but the Best kids dentist in Richmond Hill is kids dentistry. Service provided by the Pediatric dentist Richmond Hill is as follows:

The first service that is provided by the kids dentistry is infant oral health exams.

Another preventive treatments include cleaning and fluoride treatments.

Habit Counseling includes the usage of pacifier and thumb sucking.

The fourth highlighted treatment is striating of the teeth.

The five services include repairing of the tooth cavities and defects.

The next service involves diagnosis of oral condition with the various diseases.

Another is the management of the gum diseases.

The last service is to cure various dental injuries like fractured, displaced etc.

Those persons get the name or fame in the society, who has designed by the creator of the universe with unique qualities. There are number of profession in the society to earn money. But the only one, with service quality is Pediatric service. The main objective of pediatric doctors is to reduce the pain of the victim.

No company can grow without skilled and talented professionals. Kids dentistry is the best dentist for children in Richmond Hill because of professional talent it has. Various Pediatric dentists take care of the following requirements of the kids.

The Dentists make atmosphere according to the children needs: The atmosphere doesnt include only toys in the waiting room but make the whole office comfortable for the kid. The area must be child safe .so that child cannot get any harm from the equipments nearby.

The dentist must take care of the child size appliances. For example: Xray process can be made easier with child size movie.

The dentists use very polite language so that they become friends of the kids.

The dentists adjust with every type of the child like every girl is the princess of her father and boys love to talk on action things. The dentists handle them according to the psychology of the child.

The dentists in order to get trust of children before treatment give respect, care and patience to the children so that they will win in gaining trust from them.

When firstly goes to the pediatric dentist, one can go freely and tension free to the best dentist is Kids Dentistry Richmond Hill. There will be proper care of the child with the various facilities required to make ones child comfortable. For more detail visit at:

Angela Gluck is an experienced content writer who has written various articles on Best dentist for children in Richmond Hill, Best kids dentist in Richmond Hill, Pediatric dentist Richmond Hill and much more. To read more about these articles you can click here:

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Aged Care And Support For The Elderly}

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Aged Care and Support for the Elderly


Smith Rick

Human Lifecycle

When a person gets old he/she constantly needs company and support. Caring for your loved one can be rewarding but sometimes physically, mentally and emotionally tiring and takes great effort to care of minute details of the aged person’s comfort. But here are some basics steps that need to be taken for the aged and support for the elderly.

Elderly friendly home

The house should be elderly friendly; floors should have anti-slip tiles in houses, and especially in the bathrooms. The staircase should have small steps or the room of the elderly should be shifted to the ground floor for ease of access. Furniture at home should have round edges instead of sharp edges. Walls in the house should be fitted and lined with rods, so that the elderly person can take the support of the rods and easily walk around the house when required.

The elderly person’s room should be fragrant with very mild scented air fresheners, strong fragrances can lead to allergy, cough or other consequences.

Maintaining hygiene

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the house is a must, especially in the elderly person’s room, unhygienic surrounding can be dangerous as elderly people are easily immune to diseases borne out of such unclean surroundings.

Old age was truly called second childishness by Shakespeare, as older people tend to do childish things like simply spilling the food on their clothes or dirtying them by other methods. Apart from cleaning the surroundings, individual hygiene should be maintained.

Take hold of the offers of the government for the aged.

Every government offers some type of pension, rate cuts in public transports etc. The elderly people should take full advantage of it. The government provides health care, age pensions, medical and pharmaceutical benefits, assistance for rent and disability payments.


A regular visit to the psychologist for counseling sessions of the elderly person is a must. The loved ones of the elderly person see to it this as this can help maintaining the peace of the mind of the elderly person.

Emotional support

Emotional support of family member is highly efficient in maintaining the mental health, happiness and contentment of the elderly person.

Non-Governmental Support Systems

If the all the members of the house are working then there are many non-governmental support systems for the aged. According to the comfort of the elderly person one can opt for such systems.

Such systems offer a wide range of services for the elderly people and the aged like taking up different roles of multi skilled support workers. They offer activities like dressing, oral care, grooming, mobility feeding, leisure activities, documentation, visiting home and delivering similar services.

The worker undergoes a lot of training and is educated about safety and hazards; health and hygiene and diseases that surround the elderly, the worker is also educated about infection control.

These non-governmental support systems for the aged and elderly serves and takes care of the aged person in the best possible manner to satisfy the elderly and their concerned family.

Age care support has always been a major subject of great importance. Yes, that is right. In health care industry, it is something that has now occupied the most unwavering position. Now, we see health care professions moving more towards this as it is expected to explode and create a large number of jobs. If you are looking forward to work in health care industry and you have the passion to serve elderly people, have the attitude to deal with the disabilities, serve disease-affected people then it is for you.

Aged care course

and support can certainly bring for you a large number of career opportunities.

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Ff800 R17 Kf6 C B2 An Ideal Dual Igt For Wind Power Systems}

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Submitted by: DAVID SMITH

FF800R17KF6C_B2, a 1700V IHM 130mm Dual IGBT Module with IGBT2 Low Loss, enlarged diode and AlSiC base-plate. Its the best solution for your renewable energy and industry applications. The module is manufactured by Infineon Technologies AG, a renowned semiconductor manufacturer from Germany. Infineon provides semiconductor and system solutions, focusing on three central needs of our modern society: Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security. FF800R17KF6C_B2 is highly reliable and features robust module construction. It has enlarged diode for regenerative operation.

Power semiconductors have a major role to generate energy from renewable sources. In wind turbines, power semiconductors are utilized to transform power and to combine the generator with the grid. They are also made into different subsidiary drives such as pitch drives, yaw drives, pumps and into protection circuits like crowbars. A number of vital functions and applications are controlled by wind power converters and thats why highest quality power semiconductors are required. This is applicable in specific to offshore wind converters which operate in immensely tough conditions exposed to salt, humidity etc. Speedy growth is planned for the offshore portion. FF800R17KF6C_B2 is a perfect choice in these fields.

Wind energy turbines must also be intended to deliver maximum levels of availability in order to contribute to grid stability. This applies not only to the converter, but also to the different subsidiary drives mounted in different positions. Grid stability therefore depends on power semiconductor assemblies offering dynamic capabilities, outstanding functionality and superior reliability.

Advantages like high power density for compact inverter designs & standardized housing can be found if we use FF800R17KF6C_B2 in wind power applications.

There has been flourishing global advancement in wind power generation. The sum of power produced using wind-power has raised from 7.5 Giga-Watts in 1997 to 74 Giga-Watts in 2006 with further increment happening at the rate of a doubling of generation every three to four years. It is calculated that 12 percent of the worlds electricity requirements will be supplied by wind-power in 2020. The prominent wind power generators in the world are Germany and Spain, succeeded by the United States. China is also invasively imitating wind-power generation. China blueprints to spend $ 700 Billion until 2020 in renewable energy projects. Huadian Power International Corporation, a China based company has obtained authorization to build two wind power projects with an associated capability of 147 Mega-Watts. Moreover, an Indian company, Suzlon Energy, has become the worlds eighth largest generator of wind turbine generators. Companies have also fixed on wind-power as a significant growth segment in the future.

Http:// had been selling IGBT power transistor modules since 2001.Infineon, Thyssen Krupp, OTIS, IXYS, SONY DADC, General Motors, Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Trains LTD, Verkehrsbetriebe Zurich, Czech Airlines, Molex, Cisco, Omron, Good Year Tires, Thai Airasia, Boeing, Xilinx, LEAR SIEGLER, and General Electric.

Http:// has a Quality Control Team like no other. This means that we know how to work hard in order to ensure to make sure that the quality of all of the parts were selling is high. Because we only sell new and original electronic parts, we provide our customers with a 30-day warranty. And because we have connections with IGBT power transistor modules manufacturers, OEMs and distributors, were able to pass any savings on to our customers, giving them a lower price while still providing them with the quality products they deserve. Our inventory is carefully managed and held to the highest standards, and stored in a controlled environment warehousing facility.

About the Author: David Smith, Senior Vice President of

, an IGBT power transistor module distributor since 2001.


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How Akshaya Patra Enables Children Dream About A Successful Career?}

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How Akshaya Patra enables children dream about a successful career?


Akshaya patra

Online fundraising is easy but what kind of cause does it serve? Does it help in fulfilling someones dream? There are so many children who aspire to become someone like M.S Dhoni, Neerja, M.F Hussain, C.V Raman, Rani Lakshmi Bai, A.R Rahman, and others. There are children such as 14-year-old Shekhar who wants to be a chef; or Shivu whos an aspiring astronomer or Manjula who wants to be an actor who have been given wings to pursue their dreams.

As part of an initiative called

Giving Every Dream a Chance

, Akshaya Patra is encouraging children to dream about a successful career. While Akshaya Patra is already feeding over 1.6 million children, lets help the organisation spread its wings. We can do so by engaging in online fundraising and coming up with non-profit fundraising ideas.

This is how Akshaya Patra is a huge motivation to children-

1. The belief that theyve got a support

With the help and kind support of philanthropic donors, Akshaya Patra has been able to make the children believe that they arent helpless, theyve got a support in their pursuit of learning and living a better life. Knowing that there are people who care about him, 14-year old Shekhar got a chance to do a month-long internship with Chef of Vivanta by Taj, Chef Ramasamy Selvaraju. So let us join hands for children like him. Nurture

non-profit fundraising ideas

and donate to charity.

2. The feeling of freedom

The beneficiaries realise that it is because of the kindness and love of so many people from all over India that they are free from classroom hunger and are able to make a choice between study and work. A 14-year-old Manjula a beneficiary of Akshaya Patra got an opportunity to intern at the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama under the watchful eyes of its Founder-Director Dr. Zulfia Shaikh. She honed her speech and acting skills and came back as a changed and a more confident person. Donating a little amount to charity is the least we can do to support these dreams.

3. Breaking the chain of hierarchal poverty

At a very young age, most of the children from economically and socially backwards families of our society go through hard emotional, physical and mental conditions. They are deprived of even the basic amenities that we often take for granted. But this needs to be changed and education is a great way to do that. Its good to know that many children from these families understand the importance of education and realise that their conditions can improve if they get educated. With the same hope, Akshaya Patra has reached out to over 1.6 million children in India. In order to benefit more children, we must do our bit either by donating to charity or by implementing one of the non-profit fundraising ideas.

Akshaya Patra has a vision that no child in India shall be deprived of education. The organisation is sincerely committed toward it. There are millions of dreams that are yet to be fulfilled.

Sponsor a child


The Akshaya Patra Foundation work towards to end classroom hunger in India. The Foundation gives

online fundraising

opportunity for supporters to support the organisations cause.

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Hiring People For Live In Home Care}

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Hiring people for live-in home care


Brian MillerThere are many different things you have to consider when you want to hire someone for a sensitive task. You are the one that needs their help, but you should take the time to filter through the results properly. If you want to make the right choice, you have to consider the effort you must put in so you can find the right person for this challenge.For instance, how hard do you think it is to find someone to live with an older person and take care of things around the house? How difficult do you imagine it is to find someone who is willing to give up a life of their own to provide the services you need? If you are interested in live-in home care services, you have to make the right choice.One of the first things you have to consider is that it will be very hard for a person who lives in the area to give up on their family to take care of yours all the time. Live-in care will occupy most of their time and they will not be able to enjoy the simple things that make life worth it. This is why you have to focus on hiring people from other parts.There are many who are interested in making a change in their lives and they are willing to put in the effort to make it happen. This is why they travel to a foreign country to make a living. They are the ones you can rely on for live-in home care since they will need a place to stay and they are able to handle most of the services you had in mind.The effort they will put in for live-in care is meant to bring them the financial benefits they are interested in so they can achieve a goal they set out for. Each of them will have a certain purpose and you must be sure you will deliver the answers they seek. Even if you are willing to reward them for their efforts, it is still hard to find someone for it.What will you do? Will you travel abroad so you can look for people who are interested in a chance like this? Are you willing to waste a great deal of time trying to find live-in home care providers? It is an important task, but you have to find a way to make it easier. If you use the web for it, you will be able to find what you are looking for faster.If you take the time to visit the site of, you will get in touch with an agency that specializes in this sort of live-in care solutions. If you want to find the right people for this challenge, this is where you will get the right answers for it. This is going to help you put your life back on track as soon as you will commit to an expert.Live-in home care

is important in the life of your family, but you must be sure you will find the people who are up for the challenge. If you want to save time and find what you are looking for faster, the

live-in care

agency from the site named before will help you with it.

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