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Coping with the Culture Barrier in Offshore Web Designing by James JohnWell-recognized offshore web design destinations like India and China or their cheaper alternatives like Vietnam or Philippines have one thing in common. They belong to Asia. Its obvious that language, lifestyle, work style, and moral differences of these countries affect the decisions of Americans and Europeans to outsource web work to these countries. Its not so agreeable that they cast aside a more globally competitive and technologically advanced outsourcing market like India for Latin America due to its land and cultural proximity. While Latin America is still not so competent, its just that one has to see the benefits pass this cross-culture psychology and it turns out to be a deal for gain. A little more observation, understanding, and insightful handling can dissolve this soft issue.Starting with the language, the concern is of offshore outsourcing to countries with lower level of English. One good thing is that now English has become a powerful global language and young generation of the Third World is quite determined to overcome the language barrier. And, web designing and software development, a rather new and contemporary field, is more for the youth, and that further simplifies the issue. Secondly, software technology and designing aspects can be efficiently perceived through examples, illustrations, and visual resources and less use of language.In terms of work attitude, western countries like US and UK are more aggressive about their work and are observed to have short-term goal orientation pattern for work accomplishment. On this front, I would like to appreciate the offshore web design professionals of India or China who have now much adapted to this work mentality. An outstanding work quality is of course there, just pull the strings a little when it comes to initial web design layout and programming. Their long-term orientation would benefit for the progressively ongoing web development process.Well, a successful cross-culture business association takes buyers understanding of the suppliers culture. While informality at work, frankness in saying no, direct criticism all prevails in the West, the East is greatly opposite. If you well understand and tackle these work socialization differences with the employees of your offshore web design company tie-up in the East, you are doing a good job.From many years, companies have been organizing workshops and training offshore to achieve higher levels of cross-cultural compatibility, and it works well. If you plan to contract with an offshore web design service as part of a large outsourcing program over a fairly long duration, its not a bad idea provided the cost exhaustion is worth it. Otherwise, I may suggest managing client relationship with the on-site team leaders or production managers as feasible. Thanks to Internet again!Hope this helps you to enhance your offshore outsourcing web development venture!The author, James John, an associate with Viteb which is an offshore web design company based and has written several articles on custom software application development and offshore web design so far with a desire to share his years of experience working in the offshore web design field with leading offshore web design service providers.Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com

Apr 13

By Stacey Day

People sometimes end up in hardship or they are simply tired or bored with a particular instrument and will want to get rid of them. On the other hand some people simply sell because that device has developed a fault. So you must be on the alert. There is no doubt that acquiring one in a situation where the owner is bored with it or where he is plunged in hardship is a rewarding venture. You thus can acquire a very good quality instrument at little or no cost. If you think you must buy a used instrument, these salient points might be of help to you.

The first thing is to know who has previously been in possession of that instrument. Try as much as possible to buy from the previous owner directly. An honest dealer will make known to you why he is giving it away, how long and how frequent it has been used. This information will help you to know the state of affairs of the good.

Look carefully for any form of alteration, modification or repairs of that item. Modifications tend to alter and lower the quality and even the appearance of the item. A dealer can easily modify and polish the item to make it seem new. Critically inspect the writings and other engravings on it, especially if the body work is of wood. When the instrument has been modified or polish several times, most of the writings and other engravings will look worn out. If you cannot notice it, seek the help of someone who has extensive knowledge on the item you intend to buy. Also make sure that the mechanism of the instrument has not been tampered with. Check the position of keys, pads, strings etc. Do not buy in case you realize any abnormality.

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Play the instrument over and over to determine the quality of the tune. Make a proposition to test the instrument for a few days before making payment. With these you will assess the quality and durability. You may also want the repairer to make an evaluation of the instrument.

The cost price of a used item should be far below the initial cost. Make an investigation of the price of a new one and compare it with the price being offered. Do eye shopping on two or more shops. Assess the price in relation to the age of the item. If you take into consideration that the product has stood a test of time, the price should be reasonable. However, it is advisable not to buy it if the price is about three quarters of that of a new one. What you save will not be significant. Express great doubts if the item costs extremely low, except the seller is in great financial hardship. It might be a stolen item.

One advantage in buying a used musical instrument is that upon payment of cash, you get hold of your instrument instantly. With new instruments, you will more often than not have to place orders and these will take a lot of time to mature. In the case of a used instrument, you will have to test it over and over to ensure that it conforms to your taste. With a lot of waiting till delivery, it is possible that a new device may no more be the same as was tested. A new product might have compelled your taste and likeness of the product to change.

About the Author: Stacey Day writes about Musician’sFriend Bargains, Guitar Online Savings and GuitarSetc Discounts

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Jan 8

By Christina Humble Bee

— More than 1 Trillion unique URLS online

— 3-30-3 Rule of User Online Behaviour

— 3 Seconds before pressing the ‘Back’ button

— 30 Seconds to evaluate your landing page

— 3 Minutes to decide to make a particular action

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With over 1 trillion unique URLs and 122 million domain names online, the internet has become a very crowded place.

An effective sales funnel design is instrumental to maximising conversion. According to Joel, an Internet Strategy Consultant from Conversion Hub (a Singapore based usability and conversion optimization consultancy), an average web visitor would give you a mere 3 seconds before deciding to press the ‘Back’ button of his browser. If you succeed in capturing his attention, you gain an additional 30 seconds where he will evaluate your value proposition. Finally, you will have an additional 3 minutes to persuade him to perform a particular action.

This is also known as the 3-30-3 rule.

What is a sales funnel?

You should have a specific goal that acts as a funnel to drive all incoming traffic into your goal. The sales funnel begins by capturing the attention of prospects. Some prospects are convinced to become buyers of the product or adopters of the action your website is persuading. The sales funnel continues to nurture the best customers, filtering out mismatches and refining the specific target customer, offering them more specialised products and services, often at higher prices. By the end of the process the funnel has identified the highly-responsive customers who have heeded your message.

Give your visitors exactly what they came to find and you will be edging them along the sales funnel. This includes an eye-catching design to draw your target audience’s directly to the sales funnel, a clear marketing message communicating a strong and clear value proposition, and one or more clear, concise actions to take.

Measurement and analysis

An integral step of developing a sales funnel design is measurement and analysis. Such action will tell you many things that will help you develop an effective sales funnel, such as which marketing activities are bringing in the right visitors, where visitors are losing interest and leaving your site, which chains of presentations and related visitor actions are producing your sales and so forth. Conducting measurement and analysis allows you to drop ineffective marketing activities and messages, determine which marketing activities are bringing the right people to your site, where they are dropping out of your sales pathway and in what percentages. All these means you can squeeze out more results of your marketing investments. An effective sales funnel is supposed to be designed to filter out the misses at each layer, so in that sense, attrition at a certain percentage rate along the way is both expected and good. This means that your funnel is focusing on the target audience you are expecting action from – the customers that have found a reason to stay on your site for that extra 3 minutes.

Developing your sales funnel or improving on it could be as simple as the creation of a new top banner or homepage restructuring to give your visitors a sense of purpose and the development of a conversion driven goal page.

If your strategies and messages are all over the place, find out how you can coordinate and synchronise your efforts with an effective sales funnel design. With 87% of visitors giving you a very unforgiving 3 seconds to make that first impression, and only 30 further seconds to evaluate what you have to offer, a successful sales funnel design could essentially be what makes or breaks your website.

About the Author: Christina Humble Bee a Consultant in Singapore’s leading

Search Marketing Company

– Conversion Hub. She also actively contributes to forums on topics related to

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Dec 12

By Chris Burns

So you have purchased a list of business fax phone numbers from a listing company over the internet. What next? This is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions when people purchase a list of business fax phone numbers. Unlike other types of lists such as mailing lists, there aren’t too many articles over the internet that teach you how you should use a list of business fax phone numbers. This article seeks to do so by providing you with a guide on how you should use a list of business fax phone numbers.

Before you begin, it is important for you to understand the legal terms of fax marketing. Check with your listing company regarding the source of the business fax phone numbers in your list. Generally, these numbers should be a compilation of publicly available numbers. If a company lists its fax number openly, it means that it does not have any issues relating to receiving any unsolicited fax from external parties who have managed to have gotten hold of these numbers.

With legal issues in place, it is time to move on to how you should use your list of business fax phone numbers to arrive at your desired results.

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For one, you could, and in fact, you should use your list of business fax phone numbers to promote the products and services which you are offering. Given the fact that people would have to print out your message in the first place, it would be less likely that these marketing messages would be chucked aside without reading. Make use of this to your advantage. You could even attach a cut-out which can be presented as a discounted price for the products that you are selling as part of the fax message in order to draw greater appeal. Also, it is important for you to include a call to action to further increase the effectiveness of your marketing message. This method of marketing would definitely result in an increase in sales as you would now be able raise the awareness of others towards the range of products and services which you are offering.

Additionally, you could also use your list of business fax phone numbers as a means to solicit for joint ventures and affiliate participation. Instead of getting others to purchase your products, why not get them to sell it for you? The fact is, most companies and individuals are increasingly turning towards affiliate participation due to the attractive commissions offered these days. Similarly, you could also make use of the same strategy. Arouse their attention with headlines screaming ‘60% Commission for keeps’. The employment of such marketing strategy would definitely result in a dramatic increase in sales revenue for your business over time.

Clearly, there are many ways how you should use a list of business fax phone numbers. In all cases, what is most important would be the ability to generate greater sales volume for your business. This would in turn depend upon how effective you are at crafting your marketing message in order to capture the attention of others.

About the Author: Chris Burns is an authority on mailing list services providing valuable advice at


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Oct 26

SEM- Strategies



Search engine marketing

is a pattern of Internet marketing that hunt to endorse websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages. Consistent with the Search Engine Marketing organizations, SEM methods comprise of

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search engine optimization

, paid placement, and paid insertion.rnAs the internet industry is maturing day by day the search engine marketing situation is undergoing massive changes. On the Internet factually happen overnight however, change happens at light-speed with modifications to search engine algorithms, costs, services and listing. Briefly, there is so much going on it is complicated for anyone, even the professional search engine marketers to keep up to it. rnAs search engine marketers, our insights of what comprises spirited businesses are often slightly different from those of our clients. We need to know with who our competition and do research of the keywords that we are targeting.rnOur strategy should be of Cost Benefit Analysis, our businesses need to know the slightest expensive techniques of getting prominent placements. Consecutively to provide the best possible advise, SEM should know how to conduct a cost-benefit analysis for every new campaigns and they would be applying such analysis to currently existing campaigns too.rnThe chief factors in relation to Yahoo/Overture placements engage the actual costs connected with the fee structure. Even after signing up for Site Match, paying the review fee and approving to the cost-per-click fees that would be charged against the listing, Top20 placements would still depend on good site optimization. There are several instances where the cost-per-click charges that would be obligatory by Yahoo will be higher than the third place bid-per-click at proposal.rnLinks are the most important factor for rankings. Assuming the site is well optimized but good, strong links will produce good, strong placements at search engines. It is generally notices that the best marketing strategies which pay good business is to optimize for Yahoo and do link-build for Google search engines.rnAfter the whole marketing strategies are implemented the website needs to be submitted to the search engines and monitored for several months to see the result. In the second phase we should again conducted a cost-benefit analysis so that we have a plan for how we want to submit the site and can provide sensible expectations to our clients for the amount of time it will take to be spidery and expectantly appear in the Top20 or Top10. During this phase, we should monitor the website on a daily basis starting 72-hours after first submission. Thus by now we can expect to see evidence of search-engine spiders appearing in server logs and may even see a debut placement for the site. One of the utmost benefits of a paid-inclusion agenda is to increased occurrence of spider-visits to a website. rnAt the end the most important phase is planning- the best element of execution. Instead of providing a slack road-map, the very act of planning assists us to have a perfect result.rn

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