Apr 13

By Mohamed Uwais Hadhi

Sports are a very important part of any person’s life. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, is indeed a correct proverb. Sports instills in a person the spirit of competitiveness and in case of team sports, a spirit of team effort, which can help the person in his other fields too, be it work or family. Because they are often made to work in groups to find a solution to a problem in real life situations. Sports helps you avoid fatal diseases from developing in your body. This is because sports exercise all the muscles in your body thus keeping you supple and healthy. Now, even regular workout may not be this effective, since people get bored going to gym every other day. Sports though are far more interesting and you would be found wanting more of it, rather than get bored of the sport.

Sports, thus helps to make a person better. It also increases the confidence of a person in his other ventures as well. This is a proved fact that adventure sports like trekking and mountain climbing improves self belief in people and they fare better in their lives than before. It also holds for other sports as well. They feel they can do any work as good as they have done in the sports. Sports bring discipline among people too; as they are made to follow a distinct set of rules and regulations and fouled it they do not. They will prove to be disciplined in other aspects of life as well. Sports also teach us to be tolerant. That is why we normally find captains of soccer teams exchanging t-shirts among themselves to reaffirm that though they are opponents, they are friends outside the field of action. Thus sports helps in developing a person’s over all personality.

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But sports can often become serious resulting in clashes between the opposing teams because the competition is often so intense and they somehow want to win. Players often look at their opponents as enemies whose heads they will take at any cost. They forget all the rules they ought to have followed. This is very evident in more physical sports like football, soccer, rugby, hockey, ice hockey etc. We have even seen ugly clashes between supporters of opposing teams which have claimed the lives of innocent spectators. This is not a true sportsman’s spirit at all.

In spite of such situations that arise on a sports field, there are lighter moments on a sports field too which keeps the tension that arises in the field of a sporting event in check. These incidents, which sometimes are funny injuries to players, cause a few smiles across the ground and also amongst the players too. In case of injuries the players from opponent teams too come to the help of the injured player. This is what keeps the spirit of sport alive. Visit my blog to see such lighter moments on a sports field at http://mylitemoments.blogspot.com/.

About the Author: I’m a normal Indian youngster who loves sports.




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