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Understanding Labioplasti

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Labioplasti, also known as labiaplasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the labia minora – the flaps of skin either side of the vaginal opening. This kind of procedure is gaining popularity due to increasing awareness of women about their body and its functionality. Not only does this surgery bring about a change in aesthetics, it also leads to improved comfort and reduction in discomfort during physical activities, which is a huge motivator for women choosing to undergo this procedure.

Although the procedure is fundamentally straightforward, its cosmetic nature often leads to a number of questions and concerns. One of the essential things to consider is finding the right medical professional. A skilled and experienced surgeon in genital aesthetics is of prime importance. This is where penis surgeon Beverly Hills CA comes into the picture. They handle both male and female genital aesthetic surgeries and have deep expertise in the area.

The procedure of labioplasti usually takes one to two hours. It involves the surgeon reshaping or shortening the labia minora. Depending on the specific case, the surgery may involve reduction of one or both sets of labia. Most often, a local anesthetic is used for the procedure. However, in some cases, a general anesthetic may be chosen.

Post-surgery recovery is a critical period that requires lots of care. There may be some swelling, slight discomfort, pain, numbness, or sensitivity in the treated area. The recovery period can last anywhere from a week to six weeks, contingent on the individual’s healing capabilities. Full recovery and resuming of all activities, such as sexual intercourse and physically strenuous practices, is usually possible after six weeks. Regular follow-ups are needed to ensure that there are no complications and healing is progressing smoothly.

As with any surgery, labioplasti carries potential risks as well. Common risks include bleeding, infection, and scarring. In rare cases, it might lead to changes in sensation or ongoing pain. It’s essential to understand and discuss this with the doctor before the procedure. Remember, communication with your surgeon is crucial in managing expectations and ensuring successful outcomes.

Labioplasti is a personal choice. Some choose it to reduce physical discomfort, others for aesthetic reasons, and some for both. The reasons may vary, but the goal remains the same – to help women feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies. However, it is strongly advised to research, understand the procedure and consider all the relevant factors before making a decision. This procedure predominantly deals with a very delicate area. Hence, it is imperative to choose an experienced surgeon, like those in Beverly Hills, CA, known for their genital aesthetic procedures.

Always remember that everyone is unique, and so is their body. What’s normal for one person may not be for another. There is a broad range in the size, color, and shape of women’s labia. Many women worry about the appearance of their labia, which can deeply affect their self-esteem. A labioplasti can definitely help boost their confidence, but it is not the only solution. There are many more non-invasive treatments available that can also help in such scenarios.

In conclusion, labioplasti is a procedure that requires careful consideration. It’s more than just a cosmetic surgery; it’s about comfort, confidence, and self-acceptance. Before opting for a surgery of this kind, one should conduct thorough research and have detailed discussions with their doctor. Professional advice from specialists like the penis surgeon Beverly Hills CA is highly recommended to ensure the procedure results in a rewarding outcome.

Antioxidants Eat All Your Colors

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By Shari Hearn

Antioxidants are all the rage today. And, justifiably so. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals which cause cell damage, which ultimately can lead to diseases of the heart and cancer. It seems everywhere you go its blueberry this and blueberry that. You have your choice of wild blueberry juice, blueberry-pomegranate juice, blueberry-cranberry juice and so on and so on.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love blueberries. But, in our rush to embrace the latest antioxidant food craze (blueberries, cranberries, pomegranates) we’re ignoring some very high-antioxidant foods that are probably sitting ignored in our cupboards.


‘What?’ You ask, ‘What could possibly be higher in antioxidants than my beloved wild blueberry?’ Well, how about the small red bean? That’s right, I said ‘bean.’ The small red bean actually has more antioxidants per serving size than the wild blueberry. And the red kidney bean and pinto bean have more antioxidants per serving size than a serving of cultivated blueberries.

What other foods are high in antioxidants? For starters, there are artichoke hearts, blackberries, prunes, pecans, spinach, kale, russet potatoes and plums. And, no, that’s not a mistake. Russet potatoes are on the list of foods high in antioxidants.

The truth is, there are many common foods high in antioxidants and you should not just restrict yourself to one particular food source. Why? Well, have you ever heard the expression, ‘eat your colors?’ That refers to the fact that foods are in different color ‘families’ containing different types of antioxidants which have different benefits. For example, the yellow-orange color family of peaches and nectarines help our immune systems. The purple-red color family of foods (pomegranates, plums, berries) helps reduce inflammation. It’s important to eat foods from all color groups to reap the full benefits of antioxidants.

The good news is that you can eat healthy foods high in antioxidants (by eating them raw, cooking them, or juicing them yourself) without having to pay a high price for the ‘flavor of the month’ antioxidant juices being peddled in the supermarkets.

So, give your blueberries some company at the dinner table. Invite some beans, spinach, potatoes and artichoke hearts and enjoy your antioxidants!

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Denver Cosmetic Surgery Experience

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Submitted by: Body By Buford

Walk in to a Denver cosmetic surgery center prepared and you will have a better experience. What does it mean to be prepared for cosmetic surgery? Here are a few suggestions of what you can do ahead of time to help make your Denver cosmetic surgery experience a positive one one that you will want to brag about to your friends.

Know exactly what you want

This seems so obvious, but unless you have made a firm decision about the type of procedure you want, you might just walk out of your Denver co plastic surgery consultation with more than you bargained for. For example, if you are going in for a face lift consultation, don t leave being scheduled for a face lift AND a nose job. If you want breast enhancement surgery, don t get talked into liposuction around the belly so that your breasts become even more enhanced.


The Denver cosmetic surgery professional you select should be respectful of your wants and should never attempt, subtly or overtly, to feed off your insecurities. If you are interested in several different procedures, prioritize them and put them on a list. Then see how well you make out with the first procedure including how you felt during the recovery period and afterwards, with the results. Schedule the next procedure on the list only when and if you are ready for another.

Know your budget

As a society, we are easily talked into making purchases that we had not intended to make. This upselling isn t necessarily bad, just as long as the additional purchases you make don t end up breaking your budget. Don t believe for one moment that a few thousands dollars charged on your credit card won t hurt. That extra debt could take years to pay off and the costs could easily double after you factor in all those years of paying interest. You are the only one who knows your financial situation so don t let the Denver cosmetic surgery staff or anyone else tell you otherwise.

Know who you are dealing with

Take your time when choosing a Denver co cosmetic surgery professional. It is always a good idea to research the surgeons you are considering for your procedures. You ll be off to a good start if you choose a surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Have realistic expectations

This is really important and it s the only way you are going to end up feeling like you made the right decision. Larger breasts aren t going to help you fall in love. They might help you get more dates, but true love is much deeper than that. And fewer wrinkles on your face won t help you land your dream job if you don t have the right qualifications. The right Denver cosmetic surgery professional is one who will discuss your expectations with you if he or she feels that they may not be reasonable.

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Dental Implants Improve Your Bite

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Submitted by: Jon Caldwell

In a completely edentulous case, one replacement method that can be built upon the dental implant is the ball-and-socket removable denture. Overall, the ball-and-socket removable denture is said to be the simplest method that can be used to replace an ill-fitting denture. This may usually need 2-4 implants, depending on the quantity and quality of the bone present in the area. Dentists find that this overdenture is more suited for the lower jaw compared to its fit in the upper jaw. Also, in this overdenture, implants have ball-type inserts which are either screwed or cemented into them in order to fit into an O-ring type attachment sites in the underside of the denture.

Being without teeth or being edentulous can gravely affect how a person functions in daily life. We have learned that a completely edentulous case means that all of the teeth in the upper or lower arch and that there are several replacements which can be used on such a condition. On the other hand, a partially edentulous case means that patients only have some of their natural teeth missing. This could possibly result from mild deterioration of the teeth or from a minor accident. Such case can easily be remedied using two types of replacements: a) The Fixed Bridge where cement or a screw is used, and; b) The Single Tooth Replacement.


Dental implant case types are normally categorized according to whether all or only some of the teeth are missing. Cases are then further classified according to the type of replacement teeth needed to be built on the implants. When a case is classified as completely edentulous, it means that all of the patient s teeth in the upper or lower arch are missing. This could probably be a result of an extreme deterioration of the teeth or of a serious accident. Completely edentulous cases typically requires any of the following types of replacement teeth: a) The Ball and Socket Removable Overdenture; b) The Bar-Retained Removable Overdenture; c) The Screwed-in Fixed Bridge, and; d) The Cemented Fixed Bridge.

Unfortunately, it seems that getting that right dental insurance for implants is harder than one thinks, and if one does find a dental insurance plan that covers dental implants, it will still bring about a certain degree of anxiety since most probably, the total costs of getting dental implants will certainly not be covered by the insurance plan. Yes, that s right talk about insurance headaches. Expect that most insurance providers will agree to pay only a part of the dental procedure (like paying for the co pay for the implant treatment or a percentage of the entire treatment costs). Just be sure to check carefully for the policies that your dental insurance provider has given you so that you can prepare the extra budget needed in getting your dental implants.

We all know how much a dental implant costs nowadays and not being able to prepare financially for such an expensive dental procedure can surely take a toll on your personal savings. That is why it is important to do some extra research on dental insurance plans that can cover dental implants surgery. More often than not, dental insurance plans with implant insurance are more costly than the average dental insurance plan and a lot of patients attest to the difficulty of securing a good implant insurance plan. Some insurance companies even have their patients wait for a year or more before dental implant surgery can be covered. In short, it will be a lot harder for patients to find a suitable dental implant insurance plan so it is highly advisable for them to consider all financial options available.

About the Author: Jon Caldwell is a professional content manager. Much of his articles can be found at


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Considering Plastic Surgery? Read These Tips First!

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Considering Plastic Surgery? Read These Tips First!


Harley Nisley

Even though plastic surgery is a huge decision, you have decided you want to go ahead with it. What happens next? You have a lot of decisions ahead to make. Everything has to come together before you can have the look you are striving for. The following article will show you the correct way to get things done.

Understanding how long your recovery will be is crucial to understanding the procedure. The time during recovery can have an effect on your end result, so it is important to follow your doctor\’s orders. The time immediately following the surgery is the most important time to follow instructions to the letter.

The mind, like the body, needs to be in good health before getting cosmetic surgery. Ensure your decision to undergo plastic surgery is not made during times of depression or great stress. Sometimes a psychological condition can skew your body image, making it hard to make smart decisions regarding plastic surgery.


Before surgery begins, research four main things. The first area to consider is recovery time. Prices and method of payments should be your next concern. You should also be aware of the possibility of post-operative inflammation and infection. Lastly, know any other risks that have been associated with your specific procedure.

Try to understand all that is involved with your surgery including subsequent care and recovery time. You might find yourself needing substantial time off prior to resuming your normal work schedule and lifestyle following a procedure. Clearly understanding the down time can help you to prepare, and it will assist you in recovering fully from your procedure.

When you talk with a plastic surgeon, what should you ask him? Before you pick a procedure, educate yourself. It\’s extremely important to ensure any potential surgeon is board certified. Ask to see pictures of patients he or she has operated on. Ask your surgeon any questions you have and find out how long the recovery period will be.

To possibly save yourself money on your surgery, ask to be put on the on-call list. It can be less expensive if you agree to have your surgery whenever an appointment opens up for various reasons, including cancellations or an unexpected opening in the surgeon\’s schedule. Surgeons want to avoid losing money on a surgery that is already ready to go; they can sometimes provide you a discount in these cases.

When thinking about having cosmetic surgery done, it\’s important to identify a time in your life when you can devote your full attention to the process. If your life is undergoing major changes, it may not be the right time to have surgery. Wait until your life calms down.

As you discuss the fees with the surgeon, be sure you know what is included. Sometimes things like anesthesia and facility fees are separate, and if they are, you need to know this so you can clearly estimate your final figure. For the sake of being economical, research surgeons or facilities that are all-inclusive.

Altering your appearance at all has the potential to change your life significantly. Pay careful attention and make sure you continually make decisions that are in your best interest. Using these tips and doing some research on your own will ensure that you get the best results.


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and Gynecomestia surgery

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Septoplasty Versus Rhinoplasty Their Differences And Similarities.

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Septoplasty Versus Rhinoplasty – Their Differences and Similarities.


Dalton Powers

Nasal surgery is recognized as rhinoplasty and, after liposuction, is the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedure in the us. When performed to correct one\’s appearance, it can enhance the shape of the nose and stabilize it with the rest of the face.

As being the centermost facial attribute, the nose may be the most perceivable; thus, the slightest restructuring ends in a dramatic progress of one\’s look. A nasal surgery can then bestow a rise of confidence for a person\’s self-esteem as a result of satisfaction with appearance.

Rhinoplasty is a solution for those that think their nose is too big or not swimming pool is important they wish, or correct the effects of a broken nose. The deviated septum condition where the nostrils are not the same size can also be mended as a result of rhinoplasty.

Nasal surgery for functional purposes

Impediments to your nasal passage could come from several complaints. A condition called turbinates is when the sinus tissue is larger than normal size and would need to be treated to decrease their size on track dimension. There are surgical and medical solutions for nasal passages bigger than normal.


Septoplasty is a procedure that is used to treat deviated septum when it makes for difficulty in breathing.

Difficult nasal or taking in conditions also manifest in the passage of time. The nose may still grow using age or sinus cartilage and accommodating tissue may sagg and cave within, thereby blocking nasal openings. These situations usually are corrected by nasal surgery.

The treatment

Nasal surgery is deemed under major cosmetic surgery procedure and calls for the application of general anesthesia. A cut is made inside the nose or between the nostrils so our skin will be lifted and also the necessary modification or correction to your cartilage of the nose may be performed. The cartilage flesh is either disposed or re-formed.

In the event the cartilage is insufficient for the formation of the desired shape, the patient\’s nose area is given cartilage grafts with regard to further support. Nasal splints or even septum supports may be put briefly for supplemental strength. The closure in the incision will be achieved with cosmetic medical stitching procedures to cut back the incidence of scarring. Depending on the need, the turbinates may be treated simultaneously, and also at another time period.


After the procedure, short-term splints and supports may be situated inside and bandaged outside of the nose. There would be considerable swelling and some painful bruising to the first day.

Patients may be told to elevate their heads to let any bodily fluids drain out and require a complete rest. A return to work or school may be allowed after 2 or 3 days but with instructions to modify physical activity. However, it is extremely important to note that both surgical treatments do have well-known risks and complications. Some of the most popular complications to be prepared are recurrent swelling, and infection.


As all other surgeries the nose surgery is in addition having it`s own personal risks, benefits together with complications. The common factor for complications of various types of surgeries can be anesthesia. Keep on reading if you want to know most common post-anesthetic complications with nose surgery.

Standard rhinoplasty techniques can be used to create the nose smaller and to give it clear female define and proportions, taking into consideration that it ought to be harmonious with the remainder of the are up against.

In a discount rhinoplasty, generally the dorsum and tip of the nose need to be created smaller and the tip lifted. Correction of the frontal bossing will improve the angle relating to the nose and therefore the forehead.

If one has skinny skin, a significant size of r

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The Secrets Of Hair Transplant Treatments

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The Secrets of Hair Transplant Treatments



Hair transplant surgery and treatment methods are today one the most commonly sought for forms of cosmetic medicine. Though not always surgical in nature, and mostly medical and aftercare in its practical application; people still often opt for the more surgical hair transplant. India has many specialist clinics for hair treatment of all kinds, but the surgical institutes probably are the fastest and the most efficacious way to retain and regain lost hair. When people opt for the surgical route to hair regain and repair, there are more considerations to take while using purely therapeutic and medical methods. In fact, post surgical care after hair transplant is mostly therapeutic and medical in nature, but the routines need to be extremely strictly maintained. A disciplined medical and dietary regime is essential if you are to regain your lost locks; without which there may be adverse effects.

Hair transplant surgery includes two distinct procedures. The first method involves transplanting your own hair from the nape of your neck and replanting them to the front of your scalp where the follicles have died off. This means that all the follicles that have been transplanted are your own, and there is fast recovery which is naturally accepted by your body. This is the easiest, and the favorite method of hair transplant. Indian doctors mostly prefer this uncomplicated and easy to recover from method of hair transplant. However, if your scalp does not have sufficient healthy hair follicles to transplant; or the transplanted follicles are not healthy enough to respond to developmental and growth treatments, you may need to head in for hair transplant surgery of the second kind. This is more complicated, and much more intrusive and intensive in its treatment methods and process; but equally effective in result.


The real secret of hair transplant of artificial nature is the plugs. This is considerably difficult and costlier in terms of hair transplant surgery; and the recovery process is equally extensive. Doctors try to implement and use the aforementioned natural transplantations; but when such is impossible or unacceptable by the body; the doctor has no other option for complete hair transplantation. Hair transplant surgery is more frequent in India because genetically, we are more prone to premature balding and female balding. This is also why

hair transplant surgery

is increasing in India, and the costs are coming down. These days, almost anyone could afford basic hair transplant.

Seeking the best place to get a

hair transplant

? India s best clinics include that of The Cosmetic Surgery Institute the most recognized hair specialty clinic in Mumbai.

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Top Ten Ways To Loose Weight

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Submitted by: J Samuel

Whilst it is important to ensure that you re not overweight and equally important to lead a healthy lifestyle, you certainly don t want to get into bad weight loss habits, so deciphering the good advice from the bad is important.

The first thing you should do before starting any form of weight loss programme is to consult your doctor about the method of weight loss you are interested in. Your doctor can give you helpful advice and also perhaps give you a medical check to ensure that any programme you do start doesn t have a negative impact on your health.

The following top-ten methods listed in this article are not suggested methods, instead this article aims to provide you with the information at hand to decide which methods are right for you and which method you should avoid. Weight is a very personal subject and some of the techniques listed in this article are for those people who are classed as morbidly obese and are not necessarily suitable for those who are just a little overweight. Again, getting a professional medical assessment is critical to your long term health and weight loss success.

Discover our top ten ways to loose weight:

1) Start to Exercise More

When you think about how you can loose weight, you generally think of two methods, the first is dieting and the second is exercising. Starting an exercise regime can be daunting for anyone who hasn t been interested in doing sport much. When you re overweight it can be even harder to motivate yourself to start.

Joining a gym can be a good method to motivate you to train, as the cost of the gym membership going out of your bank account on a monthly basis can hurt the wallet if you are simply wasting the money! This can be motivation enough to pack your gym bag. Another reason to join a gym is that they are a good place to get professional advice on exercising. Most mainstream gyms have Personal Trainers who can help and advice you and also design a fitness programme that meets your needs. Generally these fitness programmes are then assessed every few months to check on your progress.

The trick to keeping up any exercise routine is to set yourself realistic goals or challenges so that you will always having something to work towards, also it is important to keep the exercise fun. When training and fitness becomes a chore it is very easy for your subconscious to come up with any number of reasons not to exercise. As soon as you start skipping exercise sessions it becomes much easier not to stick to your plan.

2) Weight Loss Medication

The thought that you can take a pill to help you loose weight sounds fantastic in principle seemingly providing you with a magical solution to your weight problems. However for many people who decide to use weight loss medication the risks and potential side effects can outweigh the benefits.

Without discussing the merits or disadvantages of particular brands it is important to consider that there could be side effects from taking these medications so doing so should only be carried out once medical advice is sort. Although this form of medication is freely available to buy from the Internet it is advisable to only take these medicines if they have been specifically prescribed by a doctor to treat your obesity condition as not only could you waste money on unnecessary medication you could be seriously risking your health.

3) Go on a Diet

The thought of going on a diet horrifies some people, but there normally comes a point when a person decides enough is enough they have to loose weight, therefore they must go on a diet! The question then becomes what diet to choose? There are hundreds if not thousands of different diet plans out on the market some much healthier than others, and some down right dangerous to your health.


No matter what diet you choose to go on there are some fundamental principles that you could consider when trying to loose weight by dieting. Firstly, calories in is offset by calories out. What this means is the fundamental thing controlling your weight is the number of calories that you consume though eating and the number of calories you use by either exercising or going about your daily life.

Typically a woman should consume 2,000 calories a day and a man 2,500 (although these are average figures). By reducing your calorie intake below these figures should, in theory allow you to loose weight. However, there is a something else to consider and that is your metabolism. Basically if you drastically reduce your calorie intake then your body can go into something called starvation mode which effectively slows down weight loss as your body tries to hold on to its fat stores. For someone who is trying to loose weight this obviously defeats to purpose. So the solution is to only reduce your calorie intake enough so that you loose a little weight, for example 1 pound per week is a sensible target which is achievable without starving yourself and more importantly is allows you to subtly change your diet to compensate for this, making it much easier in the long term to maintain the weight loss.

Nutrition is also an important thing to consider when picking a diet. You should aim to eat a healthy, nutritious diet which ultimately is well balanced. A well balanced diet is basically a diet that includes food from the five main food groups (but reducing Fat and Sugar), which are:

Meat, Fish and Alternatives (Eggs, Beans, Pulses)

Bread, Cereals and Potatoes

Fruit and Vegetables

Milk and Diary Produce

Fat and Sugar

Any diet that is rich in fruit or vegetables is likely to be a healthy one. You don t have to skip eating foods with fat and sugar totally. However you should be looking to reduce your intake in this area as we generally eat way too much from this particular food group.

4) Gastric Bands

A gastric band is a bariatric surgical procedure where a band is placed around the top of the stomach making it smaller in size so that the stomach fills up with food quicker than it would under normal circumstances. Gastric band (or Lap Band) surgery is a fairly drastic procedure best suited to those who are classed as obese on the BMI scale. Whilst there are potential complications and risks associated to any surgery the benefits can include a great deal of weight loss in some situations a person can loose up to 60% of their body weight.

For those who are obese and have constantly struggled with their weight loss then gastric band surgery can help. As bariatric surgery is not necessarily the preferred method for all individuals this method should be fully discussed with a professional to get a firm understanding of both the benefits and risks of undertaking gastric band surgery.

5) Gastric Balloons

A gastric balloon is a silicone balloon that is placed inside a person s stomach and filled with saline. This balloon then makes a person feel as though they are full up, making them less inclined to eat, forcing a person to eat smaller portions.

The gastric balloon is inserted into a person s stomach using a fairly simple procedure- basically passing the balloon through the mouth, down the throat and into the stomach. The balloon is then filled and left to float freely in the stomach.

6) Eat Less & Drink More Water

Probably the simplest way to loose weight is to just eat less then you normally eat. Perhaps this means reducing portion size or making slight changes to your diet, such as not having second helpings of your favourite desert, but eating less on a regular basis will help you loose weight.

Substituting certain foods with other foods can help reduce calories and help you to loose weight. For example if you have a ham sandwich with full fat mayonnaise for lunch, substituting the ham for turkey, and full fat mayonnaise for low-fat mayonnaise can save you a lot of calories, whilst not really compromising the taste of your lunch!

7) Go for a walk

If you hate dieting and also hate the thought of having to go to the gym then you could consider going for a walk on a regular basis. Depending how much you weight and how fast you walk, you could burn off around 100 calories per mile that you walk. This may not sound like much but an hour a days walking could help you burn an additional 700 calories a week or the equivalent of a normal sized meal!

8) Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of concentration and relaxation where a patient enters an enhanced state of awareness allowing a hypnotherapist to suggest ideas and lifestyle changes to the patient. Basically hypnosis aims to re-programme patterns of behaviour within the mind.

Basically hypnosis can help you loose weight by allowing you to develop a new self image whilst also teaching you to be more relaxed about your weight loss (stress can lead to comfort eating).

You can find a hypnotherapist who can treat you directly or you can even find hypnotherapy CD s and programmes online that are much cheaper than visiting a consultant.

9) Psychological Triggers

As fully committed to a diet or exercise plan that you are, sometimes your mind can get the better of you. It s natural to think that when you re on a diet you are somehow depriving yourself and making a sacrifice. These psychological sacrifices can be difficult to maintain on a constant basis. Perhaps you ve had a bad day and your will power is wavering. Therefore it is a good idea to implement some psychological techniques to help you make positive diet and exercise choices. There following tips can help you loose weight whilst bolstering your weight loss intentions:

Use smaller plates- putting your food onto a smaller plate tricks your brain into thinking you re eating a bigger portion

Don t feeling like exercising? Tell yourself to change into your gym clothes first and then decided. Sometimes once you re changed you feel much more ready to exercise.

Don t cut out everything you love from your diet. Love chocolate? Try eating a couple of pieces once or twice a week as a treat instead of a bar a night! You ll soon come to appreciate the smaller piece more and you ll feel better if you start to loose some weight!

Remember there are many ways you can loose weight and by using psychological techniques this gives you another method to employ from your weight-loss arsenal.

10) Get a Tummy Tuck

For some people it can be almost impossible to loose excess weight in certain areas. For those who have already lost a great deal or weight or have had a baby it is possible to have a lot of loose skin around the abdomen area. This loose skin can be difficult to shift through traditional dieting or exercising. In these instances the cosmetic surgery procedure called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck could be used.

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is implemented to help make the abdomen area much firmer. When excess skin and fat from the abdomen area is removed this tightens the muscle of the abdominal wall.

As with all cosmetic surgery treatments a consultation with a profession is the best way of understanding what the procedure involves, what the risks are and how the surgery can benefit you.

About the Author: Julie Samuel is an euthastic mountain bike rider, she is a strong advocate for healthly living and exercise, even if it means undertaking a weight loss procedure such as a

tummy tuck



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A Historical Take On Weight Loss Through The Centuries

Category : Plastic Surgery

Submitted by: John A. Ross

Time, cultures, lifestyles and general mindsets: these are the factors that determine trends in our societies. In most cases, even trends can set standards, rules, laws, and human behaviour within communities. But not all trends last long enough to be established as an absolute idea that everyone can adapt despite changing times. Unlike what we have in the constitution or in human rights, some dictations of society fade away – and even transform into ideals that state the exact opposite of the original. One example of this trend is the human idea on the concept of weight loss.

Right now, the global way of thinking dictates that this idea pertains to health issues and concerns. But of course, with fashion and beauty always circulating within human interactions and activities, there is now more to weight loss than just staying healthy and watching nutrition intakes. Take a short walk in city streets and you will find an endless array of fitness centers, body contouring products, advertisements, slimming food merchandise billboards, cosmetic surgery and liposuction testimonial propaganda materials, and many more commercialization items of the well loved perfect human body figure that many would work for to attain.


Cosmetic surgery clinics have been gaining more revenue as time passes and modernization sets in. Obesity has been discussed in academic institutions, health clinics, community talks and other human interactive areas to discourage eating habits that may lead to the complication. With this much support for the idea, it is a surprising fact that once upon a time being plump and big was considered a status symbol.

Yes, as funny as it may sound, history tells us that societies considered the overly healthy as the utterly wealthy. This was due to the understanding that only the rich could afford indulgence in food and drink, thus displaying more curved figures. In addition to this, they also remained “inactive” as they had slaves and workers to do jobs for them. No rich royal had to scrub kitchen sinks and vacuum carpets. If one would take a close look at paintings of men and women from periods in the 17th and 18th centuries, the rich have been depicted as people with large bellies and full breasts. This was the symbol of the ultimate, prosperous lifestyle. Public figures showing the same wealth and prosperity through their physiques include Socrates, the image of Buddha, King Henry VIII, and President William Howard Taft.

But if today’s weight loss idea really means being able to afford fitness center subscriptions, expensive diet plans, and surgical procedures, how come statistics reveal that technological advancements are now paving the way for idleness, thus increasing the chances of weight gain? Only the rich can afford technological devices that do the manual labour for the human being. Could it be possible for the trend to shift back to how it was understood before? Will modern society keep supporting easier ways to get the job done so much as to make it cause obesity? Well, we would just have to wait and find out.

About the Author: The blog that you can turn to every day for information on

Weight Loss

. Ideas, techniques, programs, and exercises that can help you get the body you always wanted. A

Historical Take on Weight Loss

can help you see the whole affair from a new perspective.


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