What To Do When Youve Been Declined Life Insurance

What To Do When Youve Been Declined Life Insurance

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Anyone who has previously been declined life insurance will know how frustrating the process is.

You’ve answered hundreds of questions, handed over your medical history, jumped through all the hoops and your told…computer says no.

It’s a common story we hear from clients but there are other options. It’s just about finding the right broker who can help.

Mortgage brokers will know mortgages like the back of their hand but don’t have experience when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions or high risk occupations for insurance.

It’s this reason the majority of the leads we get from people who have been declined have been via their mortgage broker.

It’s in these cases you need to ensure your dealing with alife insurance brokerwho knows the market.

And ensure you check with your business in case they provideGroup Life Insurancewhich will be providing you cover already.

Why have I been declined Life Insurance?

Every Life Insurance company has it’s target client base and many declined customers just don’t fit the criteria.

It might not be anything life threatening or dangerous but the insurers just don’t want that risk.

However your decline may be due to something you have rightly disclosed in your application.

Common declines will be due health conditions, high risk jobs, extreme sports, BMI score and even certain hobbies…

Your well known insurers will usually decline these cases because they have enough business not to take the risk.

Just because life insurer isn’t a household name doesn’t mean you should discount them. We can work with all insurers, so it’s these specialist companiesHooray Health & Protectionsource for clients.

How can I get the best price?

Everybody is different and no case is ever the same, so your premiums will vary one person to the next.

Insurers calculate your price on your individual profile, if you work in a high risk job or have health conditions your premium will be higher then average.

We don’t go to just one insurer for you price but instead contact numerous insurers that we work with.

This way you know your getting the best price for life insurance and all avenues have been checked…

Why should I use Hooray Health & Protection?

At Hooray we only deal with insurance so it’s our bread and butter, it’s what we do on a daily basis.

We have helped people who have been previously declined with health conditions, hazardous occupations and living in high risk countries get life insurance.

Hooray Health & Protection don’t charge you any fee as paid by the insurance companies for placing the business with them.

If you apply directly or recommend us to a friend, as a thanks, if a policy is taken through us we send you 25 Amazon voucher.

To find our more, please call 01273 222805 or email our director atcharlie@hoorayinsurance.co.uk