Handy Tips To Use Spotlight On Your Ios 7 Device}

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Handy Tips To Use Spotlight On Your Ios 7 Device}

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Submitted by: Brooke M. Perry

You might at a given time face a trouble because of clutter of apps on your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad. You might need to go through the entire stack of apps to locate something that you are looking for. However, there is a way to overcome time consumed in conducting search if only you know about it.

Given below are some handy tips to use Spotlight effectively on your iOS 7 device:

Reveal and Access Spotlight

The Spotlight is now enhanced with iOS 7 Apple mobile OS that gives you a better and clearer view of the app. The best part is that you dont require hunting the app first and then launching it for searching anything. Just place a finger on the screen and swipe down to reveal Search field. However, remember that this function cannot be used if you are already in a folder.


Performing Search

Now that you have accessed Spotlight – just type in the words and the relevant options will start appearing instantly. You will be easily able to carry out search within various fields including notes, contacts, music, and applications. Your list will be made according to searches that you perform that would be easy for you to conduct next time.

After locating what you are looking for tap on the item to access it.

Use the Delete key to start new search or X for removing current search. Cancel key will help you escape Spotlight and bring you back to previously running program.

Customize Spotlight

You must be wondering if you need to really go along with what is offered or you can actually customize Spotlight. You can customize your Spotlight and for that go to Settings-> General->Spotlight Search. This will reveal twelve items list to you that will contain various categories. Each category is relevant to what Spotlight can bring you. If you want to eliminate a category then just tap to delete it.

By default, you will be able to see the contacts at the top of the list. Then move to the Top Hit section that contains sections that are always kept on high priority even after you choose to de-select. If you want you can choose to reorder your list that will help you put your favorite category on the top of the list.

Looking up Files

There are times when you need to look for files and documents on your iPhone and to meet such requirements the Spotlight can help you best. The best part is that using this app you need not bother to remember in which file or folder you need to specifically conduct your search. At times, when you need to conduct quick search, Spotlight comes handy to do it all for you. You need not go into a specific document to use in-search tab but launch this app and find instantly what you are looking for.

Other things like looking up songs will land you directly in iTunes and the place from where you can purchase it. Links to App Store too will appear immediately when you are looking up to purchase something to make the entire search process convenient and more result oriented.

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