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Vacation is quite possibly one of the most exciting words in the human language. After working so hard at either your job or in school day after day, planning a vacation is a great way to relieve stress. There are so many vacation options to choose from. You could hop in your car and go on a road trip, or you could hop on a cruise ship and explore the Caribbean, or you could go to one of the many theme parks for some fun and adventure. One vacation option many don’t think about are Private Jet Vacations. While private jets can be an expensive way to travel, you are able to see many parts of the world in as many days as you choose.

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Why choose a private jet vacation? There are many benefits to traveling in style. Most agencies that offer Private Jet Vacations take a large air-plane (such as a regular commercial jet), strip out the inside, and then reconfigure it. This takes an air-plane that normally holds over 150 people to holding a total of 48. This provides comfort for any and all passengers. Another benefit is the ability to skip the long lines and flight delays typical of commercial airlines. With your private jet experience, you are able to walk right onto your air-plane and start your vacation!

Yet another benefit is the ability to have your own personal crew available to you and only you. They will cater to your every need during each and every stage of the flight. The food offered on a private jet is not your typical peanuts and pretzels! You are able to dine on full meals with wine, beer and other spirits. All private jet companies pride themselves in providing safe environments for all their passengers. They have rigorous safety checks to ensure that everyone on board can fly worry-free.

Finally, chartering a private jet allows you to see so much more of the world since you do not have to rely on the flight schedules of major commercial carriers. Most private jet tours are 20+ days, so you can see as much of our world as possible in a short amount of time. When you are unable to fly into a location, many tour companies also offer access to a private train.

Oct 20

Golden Era Gives Golden Prospects To School Students



The Golden Era is a reputed Play Group to Class VIII School located in Sonepat in Haryana. Sonepat is now becomes a hub of renowned institutes in India. People from all over India are coming here to grab quality education which started from the good schooling. The Golden Era is an English medium, co-educational school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The campus of The Golden Era is well equipped with all the modern infrastructural facilities that involves good class rooms, offering latest teaching learning aids, computerized library, state-of-the-art computer labs, science labs and Maths Labs with a well equipped playground. To guarantee overall developments of the students from all classes, we are encouraging students to take part in various co-curricular activities of music, dance, arts and sports.

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Students will get the best infrastructure of the school is designed in such a manner that all school students will feel very comfortable in adopting the studies and co-curricular facilities. It ranges from the big class rooms with modern teaching learning aids to Elmira and locker provision for per student. Students teacher ratio is also balanced which is 1:20 only. This ratio can easily be managed by any well qualified and experienced teaching faculty in any class. Our school library is well stocked for class students to cater their academics and other useful written materials. Daily and weekly magazines, journals and newspapers are also arranged here to evoke the curiosity of individual student towards reading habits. In Science labs, students will offered all the necessary equipments to do various sorts of experiments in Bio Labs, Physics Labs, Chemistry Labs, and Maths Labs etc. The teachers are well experienced who are taking good care of all students while undertaking any sort of important experiments in the school. In computer periods, all classes from First standard to Class VIII, all students are being taught good computer classes in the school. At the beginning, only components of computer are being told to the students. Later on from class IIIrd onwards teaching learning for basics of computer software and fundaments is started in the school for students. The students will entertain with fully equipped Hi -Tech computer labs in our school. The AV or Audio Visual room is also included in our school facility. This room is completely designed to cater movie shows to small students, some cultural or dance practice which is prepared for their annual functions are also organized here. Thus, students feel fully satisfied while using this room for their good practice in dance etc. In this way AV room is serves as the all sorts of educational needs of the students here. Within a few steps ahead, one Auditorium is situated in our school. This area is used for holding various sorts of seminars and to celebrate various events and festivals with school student’s teacher’s parents and special guests. The Audi is well furnished with all latest technologies which is essential to maintain a good school reputation. Thus, the whole school is offering you all sorts of options which will develop your child all rounder qualities.

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