Being Responsible For Your Actions

Being Responsible For Your Actions

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Being responsible for your actions


Maria (reviewmom)

Next time somebody makes you angry, sad or just tics you off. Stop, and ask yourself why you are feeling that way. How has this person got the power to make you feel that way? Its simple, you have given them that power. Theres no point being angry at them, theres no point getting pissed off with how they are acting, theres no need to take their emotional baggage and make it your own, what you should be doing is taking a good hard look at yourself and asking why you are acting that way, why you are angry.


People are asses at the best of times, but its not your job to identify with their bad behavior. When you get angry with another person for what they say to you for example, this anger you feel will tell you more about yourself than the person you are angry with. Never let another persons negative behavior become your own, let them be an ass, and be aware of your own reactions. Take responsibility for your own reactions and not another persons actions. If someone cuts us off in traffic or skips the queue at our local cinema, we may feel the our blood pressure begin to rise, followed by the thoughts of giving that person the finger, or even worse, giving them a good dry slap across the face. We get uptight from other peoples actions and in the end we punish ourselves for their bad behavior. This is crazy, we lose control over our own actions because of the way they are acting. Never let another person ruin your day and never react to outside influences unless it has a direct or personal affect on you at the time. Unless its super serious, dont bring yourself down to their level. As I have said before, people are asses at the best of times and its not your job to get involved either through pointing out their assness (real word) or poisoning your own system by losing control of yourself and getting angry. A lot of the time we are so caught up in our own story (world) that we dont notice when others may be struggling with theirs. People hide their suffering a lot better than you think. We may scorn or criticize another person for their behavior and pass it off as them being rude, impolite or just discourteous. In cases like this we may react in a negative way without taking a step back and realizing that this person might be acting out to hide their own insecurities or pain. They may need compassion at the time when we feel they deserve it less. Either way, I think it is more appropriate way of looking at the situation because it is us that benefits from this mindset. So next time you come across someone who cuts you off in traffic or jumps in front of you in the post office, let it go and realize that your reaction is more important than telling an idiot that they are being just thatan idiot. If it is a person who is just plain rude or loud (you know the type) the same rule applies, either they are a moron or they are a lost little adult-child who deserves your pity more than your chastising. Remember, you are the one who loses in the end if you lose this lesson.

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