Aged Care And Support For The Elderly}

Aged Care And Support For The Elderly}

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Aged Care and Support for the Elderly


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When a person gets old he/she constantly needs company and support. Caring for your loved one can be rewarding but sometimes physically, mentally and emotionally tiring and takes great effort to care of minute details of the aged person’s comfort. But here are some basics steps that need to be taken for the aged and support for the elderly.

Elderly friendly home

The house should be elderly friendly; floors should have anti-slip tiles in houses, and especially in the bathrooms. The staircase should have small steps or the room of the elderly should be shifted to the ground floor for ease of access. Furniture at home should have round edges instead of sharp edges. Walls in the house should be fitted and lined with rods, so that the elderly person can take the support of the rods and easily walk around the house when required.

The elderly person’s room should be fragrant with very mild scented air fresheners, strong fragrances can lead to allergy, cough or other consequences.

Maintaining hygiene

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the house is a must, especially in the elderly person’s room, unhygienic surrounding can be dangerous as elderly people are easily immune to diseases borne out of such unclean surroundings.

Old age was truly called second childishness by Shakespeare, as older people tend to do childish things like simply spilling the food on their clothes or dirtying them by other methods. Apart from cleaning the surroundings, individual hygiene should be maintained.

Take hold of the offers of the government for the aged.

Every government offers some type of pension, rate cuts in public transports etc. The elderly people should take full advantage of it. The government provides health care, age pensions, medical and pharmaceutical benefits, assistance for rent and disability payments.


A regular visit to the psychologist for counseling sessions of the elderly person is a must. The loved ones of the elderly person see to it this as this can help maintaining the peace of the mind of the elderly person.

Emotional support

Emotional support of family member is highly efficient in maintaining the mental health, happiness and contentment of the elderly person.

Non-Governmental Support Systems

If the all the members of the house are working then there are many non-governmental support systems for the aged. According to the comfort of the elderly person one can opt for such systems.

Such systems offer a wide range of services for the elderly people and the aged like taking up different roles of multi skilled support workers. They offer activities like dressing, oral care, grooming, mobility feeding, leisure activities, documentation, visiting home and delivering similar services.

The worker undergoes a lot of training and is educated about safety and hazards; health and hygiene and diseases that surround the elderly, the worker is also educated about infection control.

These non-governmental support systems for the aged and elderly serves and takes care of the aged person in the best possible manner to satisfy the elderly and their concerned family.

Age care support has always been a major subject of great importance. Yes, that is right. In health care industry, it is something that has now occupied the most unwavering position. Now, we see health care professions moving more towards this as it is expected to explode and create a large number of jobs. If you are looking forward to work in health care industry and you have the passion to serve elderly people, have the attitude to deal with the disabilities, serve disease-affected people then it is for you.

Aged care course

and support can certainly bring for you a large number of career opportunities.

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