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By Bella Harris

A flyer is a time tested and effective way to reach out to customers in a competitive market place. A good flyer will grab the attention of the target audience. An added benefit to marketing with flyer’s is that customers can actually take the promotional material with them and be reminded of your offer long after they have forgotten other commercials they listened to on the radio or watched on television.

It is also a cost effective method of marketing. But what makes a flyer stand out? How do you design an attractive flyer that will reach its audience?

Focus on the headline and words:

Of course you want to have some exciting images and graphics on your flyer, but these should not be your main focus. As with all other methods of visual marketing, the catchy headline is what will give you the most success. Write a headline that make people stop and look at what you have to say. Then in the subject body, try to keep your language simple and to the point. Bullet points are an effective way to communicate your message in an user friendly format, letting people understand quickly what you are about and give them the opportunity of wanting to know more.

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Avoid common mistakes:

Some design mistakes are very common, and you should try to avoid making them. They include:

Using more than two fonts. As always it is tempting to go overboard when you have options. A good flyer design should not have more than two fonts included: One for the header and one for the body text.

Using strange or fancy fonts. Remember that the purpose of the flyer is to be informative. If your flyer is difficult to read or requires much concentration because of a strange font then most people will be most will simply turn away.

Using to much space. It is not necessary to fill out every square inch of the flyer or have the text go all the way to the border. Less is sometimes more and it will help the reader to get to the main point easily.

Be creative and inspiring, but focus on what you have to offer:

Use all of your imagination and creativity to design your flyer. Make your flyer stand out among others by having an exiting design and colours. Use anything you can think of to make your design unique. Make sure to focus on what you are offering to potential customers. Your target audience should be able to read your flyer once and understand what service or product you are offering.

If you are on a budget or trying to save money, remember that certain things are cheaper than others. Black ink is cheaper than coloured ink, and white paper is less expensive than coloured paper. You can use shades of grey to compliment the black text and create background shadows. Many companies today offer cheap flyer printing online and have special promotions that would suit personal and business needs effectively.

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