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In this world of internet you can find anything in this world just by clicking on your mouse. People don’t find it viable to move into a market and find a good of their choice after wasting lots of time and money. Clothes tell about your personality, it gives an idea of your character. People want to look at their best in whatever they wear; they want their clothes to be stylish and modern. The clothes to buy from the market tend to be expensive as there are many hidden cost associated. Buying a cloth from a high-end showroom could cost you huge as they associated the showroom facilities with the cloth so clothes tend to cost more than normal in addition they also attach some margin as they don’t produced the piece of cloth themselves instead buy from some middle agent who in turn buy from some other source so there are many hidden costs associated. Also if you are ready to shell out this huge amount you would get a cloth worth of that price, if the cloth doesn’t fit you or doesn’t match up to your expectations it won’t be worth to buy a cloth by paying such a huge price.

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There are many websites which offer you a platform wherein you can choose kind of cloth you want and at very low price. These websites are solely owned by manufacturers so all the hidden costs are eliminated, as there re no middle men involved the clothes are sold to the intended customers directly. you don’t spend any money associated to the lavish shop because an online web space is much cheaper compared to a physical shop. These websites have some of the modern designs which attract lots of customers. The fitting they provide is admired by their customers; they make your clothes appropriate for you based on your size and shape. They tend to produce shirts of high quality. Some of the outstanding features of these websites are: ? The clothes produced and sold by them are of very high quality compared to traditional cloth sellers. ? The price tag associated with a cloth is very reasonable and they provide various discounts for their regular customers. ? They tend to produce your cloth in very less time and deliver it you at your doorsteps unlike traditional shops that tend to make promise and often deliver your products at time. The curtisanddyer is an excellent website which provides its customer with quality clothing at very less price. They produce men’s shirts and formal shirts. The shirts produced are from fabric which is of high quality. You can specify all your measurement at the website for every minor detail like cuffs, collars, etc. they also produce the bespoke shirts for their customers. They are able to keep the prices of these high quality shirts down by eliminating all the overheads associated with the cloth. The Curtis and dyer is located in London, they have an excellent customer service any queries or doubts you just mail to the site they would reach you in very less time. The website also provides gift vouchers and discounts to its loyal customers. Also it produces shirts for other countries besides United Kingdom. Want yourself a nice formal shirt at reasonable price head to and the enjoy experience of online shopping.

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Jul 24

By Max Johnson

When it comes to arc flash protection clothing, you will find that you need a certain appropriate risk category, ATPV rating, and/or NFPA rating. When you go shopping for your garments, you will find that getting the rating is easy simply by looking at the label. However, sometimes it is important to know a few other terms involved with this specialty safety apparel that will get you home at the end of a hazardous day.

> Arc flash protection clothing is used when describing safety apparel and/or equipment to protect individuals usually used by individuals. There are many types of protections protected against including energy flashes, tight spaces, protection from falls, and much more. These garments can be pants, shirts, coveralls, hoods, gloves, or other types of safety gear.

> ATPV stands for Arc Thermal Performance Value. You will find when you need a calories per square cm value representing the maximum protection offered by that garment. When it comes to arcing energy, you can depend on the ATPV. This number is carefully figured out using many concepts. However, Calories per cm squared is one deciding factor.

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> Calories per cm squared identify the quantity of the energy protected against when it comes to distance between the material and the arcing flash. This is important when it comes to defining the ATPV. Some types of arc protection clothing will protect close up while others will only protect from a distance. You will need this number if you are working around energy either live or stored.

> Fabric weight is a term used when describing the actual weight of the material or garment in question. This is measures in two possible ways (1) grams per square meter or (2) ounces per square yard. This will vary from one country to the other according to the measurement system in place. For instance, a coverall with a fabric weight of 7 ounces will be lighter than bib overalls with a weight of 15 ounces.

> Flame resistant or FR is used to define any fabric that is inherently resistant to the heat or burning. This may also be used when defining specially treated fabrics. You should insure you know which type of flame resistance your garment.

> HAF or Heat Attenuation Factor is the value of heat blocked when things get hot. This is the fabrics ability to stay cool in hot situations. For instance, if you have a flame resistant shirt that 100% flame resistant, you will find it does not necessarily block all the heat in an exposure. However, if that garment has rating of HAF 90%, you know that 90% of the heat is going to be blocked in any situation.

> HRC or Hazard Rick Category is set forth by NFPA 2004 70E. The categories have stronger calories per square cm at category four than category one. There are four categories: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, and Category 4.

When it comes to getting the best protection, you will find that understanding popular terms when it comes to arc flash protection clothing is going to serve you well.

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Apr 13

By Mohamed Uwais Hadhi

Sports are a very important part of any person’s life. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, is indeed a correct proverb. Sports instills in a person the spirit of competitiveness and in case of team sports, a spirit of team effort, which can help the person in his other fields too, be it work or family. Because they are often made to work in groups to find a solution to a problem in real life situations. Sports helps you avoid fatal diseases from developing in your body. This is because sports exercise all the muscles in your body thus keeping you supple and healthy. Now, even regular workout may not be this effective, since people get bored going to gym every other day. Sports though are far more interesting and you would be found wanting more of it, rather than get bored of the sport.

Sports, thus helps to make a person better. It also increases the confidence of a person in his other ventures as well. This is a proved fact that adventure sports like trekking and mountain climbing improves self belief in people and they fare better in their lives than before. It also holds for other sports as well. They feel they can do any work as good as they have done in the sports. Sports bring discipline among people too; as they are made to follow a distinct set of rules and regulations and fouled it they do not. They will prove to be disciplined in other aspects of life as well. Sports also teach us to be tolerant. That is why we normally find captains of soccer teams exchanging t-shirts among themselves to reaffirm that though they are opponents, they are friends outside the field of action. Thus sports helps in developing a person’s over all personality.

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But sports can often become serious resulting in clashes between the opposing teams because the competition is often so intense and they somehow want to win. Players often look at their opponents as enemies whose heads they will take at any cost. They forget all the rules they ought to have followed. This is very evident in more physical sports like football, soccer, rugby, hockey, ice hockey etc. We have even seen ugly clashes between supporters of opposing teams which have claimed the lives of innocent spectators. This is not a true sportsman’s spirit at all.

In spite of such situations that arise on a sports field, there are lighter moments on a sports field too which keeps the tension that arises in the field of a sporting event in check. These incidents, which sometimes are funny injuries to players, cause a few smiles across the ground and also amongst the players too. In case of injuries the players from opponent teams too come to the help of the injured player. This is what keeps the spirit of sport alive. Visit my blog to see such lighter moments on a sports field at

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Jan 28

By Bella Harris

A flyer is a time tested and effective way to reach out to customers in a competitive market place. A good flyer will grab the attention of the target audience. An added benefit to marketing with flyer’s is that customers can actually take the promotional material with them and be reminded of your offer long after they have forgotten other commercials they listened to on the radio or watched on television.

It is also a cost effective method of marketing. But what makes a flyer stand out? How do you design an attractive flyer that will reach its audience?

Focus on the headline and words:

Of course you want to have some exciting images and graphics on your flyer, but these should not be your main focus. As with all other methods of visual marketing, the catchy headline is what will give you the most success. Write a headline that make people stop and look at what you have to say. Then in the subject body, try to keep your language simple and to the point. Bullet points are an effective way to communicate your message in an user friendly format, letting people understand quickly what you are about and give them the opportunity of wanting to know more.

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Avoid common mistakes:

Some design mistakes are very common, and you should try to avoid making them. They include:

Using more than two fonts. As always it is tempting to go overboard when you have options. A good flyer design should not have more than two fonts included: One for the header and one for the body text.

Using strange or fancy fonts. Remember that the purpose of the flyer is to be informative. If your flyer is difficult to read or requires much concentration because of a strange font then most people will be most will simply turn away.

Using to much space. It is not necessary to fill out every square inch of the flyer or have the text go all the way to the border. Less is sometimes more and it will help the reader to get to the main point easily.

Be creative and inspiring, but focus on what you have to offer:

Use all of your imagination and creativity to design your flyer. Make your flyer stand out among others by having an exiting design and colours. Use anything you can think of to make your design unique. Make sure to focus on what you are offering to potential customers. Your target audience should be able to read your flyer once and understand what service or product you are offering.

If you are on a budget or trying to save money, remember that certain things are cheaper than others. Black ink is cheaper than coloured ink, and white paper is less expensive than coloured paper. You can use shades of grey to compliment the black text and create background shadows. Many companies today offer cheap flyer printing online and have special promotions that would suit personal and business needs effectively.

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