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Important Components Of Baby Showers

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By Janet R.

Planning a baby shower is not always easy. There are some areas that will challenge your practicality, creativity, and imagination in order for the shower to be memorable and special to guests and most of all to the mom-to-be. If you are planning to throw a baby shower for a dear friend, you have to consider these important components into the baby shower.

The Right Theme

Most baby showers nowadays are theme-based. The fact that themes help make baby showers more fun and exciting, many party hosts, however, are sometimes in trouble when it comes to choosing the perfect theme to use. The key is to choose a theme that has something to do with the mom-to-be. Meaning, you have to select a theme that represents her personality or something that comes from her personal preferences. You have to remember that the party is for her, so what better way to plan it than to have it based on herself?


The Party Supplies

There’s no hard rule when it comes to party supplies. Of course it is given that you have to prepare some decorations, chairs and tables, and feeding supplies for everyone. However, if you are planning a baby shower with a theme, it would be ideal to choose from party supplies that related to that particular theme. Decorations are perhaps the biggest element to make the party theme work out. By using matching decors, you can easily show off the atmosphere you want the party to have. For example, if it is a Disney themed baby shower, use Disney characters as decorations on walls and ceiling. You can cut out pictures and have them pasted on walls or make them hanging decorations to create a Disney-inspired party. Disney-themed party plates, cups, spoons and forks, and other party supplies are available in many party stores near you or online.

The Menu

Depending on the time of the day that the baby shower is held, the menu could be simple sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and other finger foods or full sit-down meal. The choices of food and drink can also represent the theme of the baby shower. Creativity may also occur on the menu, so all it takes is to be imaginative on how to use your creativity even up to deciding on the food you want to serve.

The Baby Shower Games And Favors

One great way to keep the party alive is to have games during the baby shower. These will serve as ice breakers to jazz up the party. There are lots of baby shower games you can think of. On the other hand, you will also need party favors for the guests. Some are party favors to congratulate winners of the party games. Baby shower favors are traditionally given to thank the guests for coming to the party as well as for bring baby shower gifts. These party supplies are widely available online. You can even personalize them with the name of the baby (if it’s already certain), the date of the baby shower, and a short line of phrase.

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