Three Romanian ports closed due to heavy fog

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Bucharest, Romania — The Romanian Black Sea ports of Constan?a, Midia and Mangalia were closed on Saturday due to heavy fog. The Danube-Black Sea Canal was also caused due to reduced visibility. The canal, which runs for 64 km, is an important part of the European shipping channel that links the North Sea to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

The port closures left 54 ships in the harbour or stranded at sea, said Alexandru Mezei, the director of shipping navigation at Constan?a Port, the largest port in Romania. However, he claims that the closure was necessary to prevent accidents from occurring, as the fog had reduced visiblity below safe levels.

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You Can Tell The Health Of Your Body By How Your Finger Nails Look

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By Darrell Miller

The nails are responsible for protecting the nerve-rich fingertips and tips of the toes from injury. Nails are part of the epidermis, which is the outer layer of skin. They are mainly composed of keratin, which is a type of protein. The nail bed is the skin on top of which the nails grow, as they grow from 0.05 to 1.2 millimeters each week. If a nail is lost, it takes approximately seven months for it to grow out fully.

Those nail beds that are healthy are pink, which indicates a rich blood supply. Changes or abnormalities in the nails are often a result of nutritional deficiencies or other underlying conditions. The nails are able to reveal a great deal about the bodys internal health. Nail abnormalities on either the fingers or the toes can give evidence to an underlying disorder.

There are many changes that nutritional deficiencies can produce in the nails. A lack of protein, folic acid, and vitamin C are responsible for hang nails, while white bands across the nails are an indicator for protein deficiency. Dryness and brittleness indicates a lack of vitamin A and calcium. Horizontal and vertical ridges in the nails means that there is a deficiency of the B vitamins, while an insufficient intake of vitamin B12 can lead to excessive dryness, very rounded and curved nail ends, and darkened nails. Iron deficiency can lead to nails that develop a concave shape and/or vertical ridges. White spots on the nails can be caused by a deficiency of zinc. Inadequate amounts of friendly bacteria in the body can result in the growth of fungus under and around the nails, while a lack of hydrochloric acid contributes to the splitting of nails.

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The following supplements are essential in promoting healthy nail growth. Unless otherwise specified, the dosages given are for adults. For children between the ages of twelve and seventeen, the dose should be reduced to three-quarters of the recommended amount. For children between six and twelve, one-half of the recommended dose should be used, while one-quarter of the amount should be used for children under the age of six.

Acidophilus should be taken as directed on the label, as it inhibits the harmful bacteria that cause fungal infection. A free-form amino acid complex can also be taken as directed on the label, on an empty stomach, to provide the building materials for new nails. Silica supplies silicon, which is needed for hair, bones, and strong nails. It should be taken as directed on the label. Vitamin A emulsion should be taken in dosages of 50,000 IU daily, as the body cannot utilize protein without vitamin A. Black currant seed oil is helpful for weak, brittle nails and should be taken in dosages of 500 mg twice daily. Calcium and magnesium should be taken as directed on the label, as they are necessary for nail growth.

Iron should be taken as directed by a physician, as deficiency produces spoon nails and/or vertical ridges. A vitamin B complex should be taken as directed on the label, as deficiencies result in fragile nails. To prevent hangnails and inflammation of the tissue surrounding the nail, 3,000 to 6,000 mg daily of vitamin C with bioflavonoids should be taken. 50 mg daily of zinc is beneficial for affecting absorption and action of vitamins and enzymes.

Additionally, the following herbs are helpful: alfalfa, black cohosh, burdock root, dandelion, gotu kola, yellow dock, horsetail, oat straw, borage seed, flaxseed, lemongrass, parsley, primrose, pumpkin seed, sage, butchers broom, chamomile, ginkgo biloba, rosemary, sassafras, and turmeric.

Healthy looking nails can tell you if your body is getting the right nutrients from your diet. When you find your nails are not looking well, consider the above vitamins, minerals and herbs to help restore healthy looking finger and toe nails. The vitamins and herbs listed can be found at your local or internet health food store.

About the Author: More information on

nail health

is available at VitaNet , LLC Health Food Store.


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Iraqis say U.S. bombing killed 39 civilians

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Monday, October 17, 2005

American helicopters and warplanes bombed 2 villages near Ramadi, Iraq on Sunday. The U.S. military said nearly 70 suspected insurgents were killed, while local witnesses said that at least 39 civilians, including 18 children, were also lost to the attack.

A Ramadi resident, Ahmed Fouad, said that just after 7 p.m. Sunday, U.S. warplanes killed 18 children, including Fouad’s son and 8-year-old daughter. “She was killed with her brother. Her mother had a stroke out of shock.” Fouad said.

Family members of victims gathered at a Ramadi General Hospital where refrigeration space for the dead bodies had been exhausted. In the garden the bodies of a woman and three children lay as relatives sifted through remains.

“[They] were not terrorists…they were only a bunch of civilians whose curiosity prompted them to gather around a destroyed Humvee,” said Dr. Dhiya Fahdawi in reference to the dead and wounded.

The U.S. military neither confirmed nor denied that civilians were killed and issued a statement saying; “All the attacks were timed and executed in a manner to reduce the possibility of collateral damage.”

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Pine Hardwood Flooring: Installation Guide

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Pine hardwood flooring can be a beautiful addition to any home. The material is cheaper than that of most hardwoods, and will last a lifetime. In addition, the installation process is not too difficult, so long as you use precut lumber. Once youve outlined precisely how much material you will need and have bought the precut floorboards, you are well on your way. In this article, we will outline the installation process. 1. Tools / Materials2. Drywall screws3. Shop Vac4. 1 inch finishing nails5. 8d finishing nails6. Hammer7. Saw8. Rosin PaperThe following steps need to be carried out:Step 1 Remove all baseboards and floor trim. Once this is accomplished, you will be able to remove the floor covering and underlayment, revealing the subfloor. Inspect for any squeaky panels and drive drywall screws into the joists directly below them. This acts to tighten and secure the board while eliminating that annoying squeak. Step 2 Roll out the rosin paper onto the subfloor. Start with the wall that is perpendicular to the floor joists. Every six inches, staple it down with 5/16 stables. Make the joists with a straightedge and overlap the rosin paper four to five inches. Continue marking each joist as your move along. Step 3 Evaluate your materials and choose the straightest and longests pine boards for the first row and line them parallel to the longest wall. Give a inch space between the wall and the floorboard. Each end should butt together over the floor joists. Once the first row has been cut and laid out, apply glue in squiggly lines to the board bottoms and nail each into place. Step 4 Predrill each hole into the wood roughly inch from the wall. Be certain that the board is able to get close enough to the wall so the baseboard and trim cover the heads of the nails. Use an 8d finishing nail to secure the board to the subfloor. Step 5 Drive your 1 inch finishing nails through the tongue of each panel at a forty five degree angle. Use a nail set in order to sink the heads 1/8 inch below the surface of the wood. Nail each board down into each joist as a means to secure them. Step 6 Measure the available space for the last row of boards. Allow for to inch of expansion space between the wall and wood. Cut these last boards in order to fit the space. Step 7 Inspect the area to see if it requires any sanding. Many floors do not, but all cases are different. If you decide to go for it, be sure to use a shop vac to clean the dust afterwards. Step 8 Finish your floor with your favorite varnish or stain and allow to dry.

Former science director sues Texas over intelligent design e-mail

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Christine Comer, former director of the science curriculum for the Texas Education Agency (TEA), is suing the Commissioner Robert Scott for wrongful dismissal. Comer alleges that she was “illegally fired for forwarding an e-mail about a lecture that was critical of the teaching of intelligent design in science classes.” Her suit alleges she was “terminated for contravening an unconstitutional policy” which required “employees to be neutral on the subject of creationism – the biblical interpretation of the origin of humans.”

The Dallas Morning News reported, “The policy was in force even though the federal courts have ruled that teaching creationism as science in public schools is illegal under U.S. Constitution’s provision preventing government establishment or endorsement of religious beliefs.” Among Comer’s supporters is Philosopher and National Center for Science Education speaker Barbara Forrest who was the presenter at the lecture Comer mentioned in the email.

News 8 Austin reported, “The TEA was not available for comment late Wednesday.”

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Why Malpractice Insurance Is Important For Medical Professionals

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If you are one of the many busy medical professionals working today, you owe it to protect yourself from any malpractice. Having medical malpractice insurance will protect you and give you peace of mind if you are involved in any type of lawsuit.

A good example is a friend who was once to be an owner of a major hospital in Agana Memorial hospital located in Agana, Guam.

He and a couple of his co-physicians were in the process of doing a heart surgery. Unfortunately, the patient died while they were in the middle of the actual surgery. They tried their best to save the life of that patient but, it was too late for him to be revived.

The patient was pronounced dead and the family was informed of what happened. A couple of months after the incident happened, and my friend received a letter from a lawyer in regards to a lawsuit from the bereaved family. They were asking for $5 million dollars for settlement. My friends malpractice insurance at that time only covered for the amount of $1 million. He lost the case and ended up selling his share at the hospital. He was under a great deal of pressure to raise the money that he needed to cover the rest of the required funds.

To make a long story short, if he had been covered for more than a million by malpractice insurance, then perhaps he may have not had to suffer that situation. He could have been one of the owners of the hospital and would be receiving monthly income from the hospital. But he lost everything including his share at hospital. He needed to sell everything to pay the settlement.It is very unfortunate to have that type of situation especially if you have a family and your kids are still young. This could have been avoided if he had enough medical malpractice insurance coverage to cover everything. Thats why I believe that it is in your best interest to have the maximum amount of medical malpractice insurance while you are still active in any medical field. You never know when one of your patients might decide that you didnt provide adequate care.It is also recommended to deal with a reliable insurance company who specializes in this type of coverage. There are many insurance carriers to deal with, but working with a reputable company will ensure that you will be covered in the event of any medical malpractice.

Former Japanese princess Mako Komuro moves to New York with commoner husband

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Mako Komuro and her husband, Kei Komuro, travelled to New York yesterday to start a new life together outside of the Japanese Royal Family. Their relationship had been heavily criticized by members of the public in Japan due to its unconventional nature and breaking social norms for the nation. The couple arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport to much media attention and under heavy security.

Mako Komuro, a former princess and niece of the Japanese emperor, gave up her title in order to marry Kei Komuro, her college sweetheart. While Japan is generally modern in many ways, the status of women and family values are still rooted in feudal practices; Japanese royalty are forbidden from marrying “commoners”.

New York was chosen because Kei has a job at a New York law firm, though he has yet to pass the New York bar exam. According to the Associated Press, this fact was used by Japanese media to discredit and attack him, despite it being common place to not pass a bar exam on the first attempt. Comparisons have been drawn by The Straits Times between scrutiny that they have suffered and that of the Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex of the British royal family.

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Pre-election call in Canada, Conservatives start ads, including during kids TV

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Canadian Federal Elections 2008

Stories from the 2008 Canadian Federal Elections
  • 13 October 2008: CanadaVOTES: Libertarian John Kittridge in St. Paul’s
  • 13 October 2008: Canadian scientists protest Harper’s attacks on science
  • 10 October 2008: CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Paul Arbour in Carleton—Mississippi Mills
  • 10 October 2008: CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Jo-Anne Boulding in Parry Sound—Muskoka
  • 10 October 2008: CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate David Sparrow in Don Valley West
National Parties

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper may not have dropped the writ for an election yet, but his party is airing advertisements on both television and radio.

Because the election is not yet official — though it is scheduled for October 19, 2009 and could be held as soon as October of this year — the ads do not count against the Conservative Party’s campaign spending limit. They have been airing since Thursday.

The advertisement includes various Canadians making statements about Harper, as opposed to the Conservative platform. One woman shown in a parking lot says that she likes “the idea that he’s a family man with young children.”

The Canadian Press notes that all four major party leaders are married and have children.

Other statements include “[h]e’s doing a good job,” “I’ve never been so proud to be Canadian,” “[h]e’s on the right track” and “I like him.”

Political communication expert Jonathan Rose of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Ontario told the Canadian Press: “By relying on typical Canadians in the ads, the Conservatives are hoping that the voter will find the connection powerful. Unfortunately, these kind of ads are based on assertions, not arguments. There is no evidence given to support the claims made in them.”

A writer for {{w|The Gazette (Montreal)|The Montreal Gazette]] comments that, “at the end, it’s hard to tell whether Stephen Harper is trying to smile or grimacing with the effort to convey warmth.”

The Conservative Party ads are airing during children’s programming, amongst other air times, presumed to be an attempt to reach parents.

Gazette writer Elizabeth Thompson noted that her daughter had seen one of the ads during an airing of SpongeBob SquarePants on television station YTV. Thompson criticized the choice to air the ads in the time slot, after her daughter repeated the ad claims “matter-of-factly”.

SpongeBob SquarePants was shown in a recent poll to be watched by 24 percent of parents with their child. About 41 percent of YTV’s audience is above the age of majority, and 68 percent of its reach composition, according to fall 2007 statistics by BBM Nielsen Media Research.

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Sunflower oil saves at-risk newborns from infection

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Saturday, March 5, 2005Simply massaging low birth weight babies with sunflower seed oil can protect them from potentially fatal infections.

Infections and complications from preterm birth cause more than half of all neonatal deaths, and very low birth weight babies are particularly vulnerable.

Preterm babies have immature skin that lacks a protective film called vernix that has antimicrobial properties.

In some countries, such as India, newborns are routinely massaged with mustard oil.

But mustard oil, says Gary Darmstadt of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, can delay recovery of the skin barrier and have a toxic effect on skin.

Seeking an alternative low-cost product, Darmstadt and colleagues experimented with sunflower oil and an ointment called Aquaphor that comprises petrolatum, mineral oil, mineral wax and lanolin.

The researchers tested the treatments on 497 newborns (72 hours old or less) and preterm babies (less than 33 weeks gestation) between 1998 and 2003 in Bangladesh.

They applied the treatments to the entire body besides the scalp and face three times daily for the first 14 days and then twice daily until discharge.

Babies treated with sunflower oil were found 41% less likely to develop infections than controls.

“Evidence is emerging that the skin is much more important as a barrier to infection than previously recognized, particularly in preterm infants whose skin is underdeveloped,” says Darmstadt. “The good news is that treatment is available to strengthen the function of the skin as a barrier in these vulnerable newborns.”

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Reasons Why Grooming Your Dog Is Good For You And The Dog

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Bonding experience

Your dog is more than your pet, and the best way of improving the bond between the two of you is by dog grooming. Grooming allows you to spend more time with the dog, which gives you more time to bond. Your canine will end up trusting you more and will be more relaxed around you. This is great if the dog is anxious, but you have to remember that the bond may not grow instantly. You have to keep grooming the dog frequently and be patient as you wait for him/her to be comfortable with you.

Improved health

Dog grooming doesn’t just improve the visual appearance of your dog, but it also helps improve health. Your chances of spotting any injuries or unnatural spots are increased when you two have close contact. For instance, you will notice any gum problems when you brush the dog’s teeth, and you’ll find a solution sooner, which saves you from having to deal with the pain and discomfort you would have dealt with if the problem would have gone hidden for longer. It’s easier for abrasions and growths to remain hidden under the canine’s fur, and the best way of discovering them is by checking regularly. This doesn’t have to replace visits to the vet. It just reduces them and helps you get peace and save money in the long run.


Keeping your dog clean plays a role in keeping your entire house clean. You’ll be maintaining good hygiene for both you and the dog. Over time the dog is bound to collect excess oil, dirt, and old fur, which you can easily get rid of by simple dog grooming routines. You’ll allow the dog to grow new and healthy fur easily. Remember to pay attention to the dog’s genes. Some dogs grow fur faster than others, which means you’ll need to brush them more regularly. Grooming them yourself will help save money on professional pet groomers.

Better appearance

Dogs that are groomed regularly are more appealing than those that aren’t. The way your dog looks affects you and those around you psychologically, even if you don’t realize it. For most people, an un-kept dog represents terror, but a kept one is more friendly. Spending some time dog grooming makes it easier for your dog to socialize with other people as well as other animals. Keeping the nails short also prevents them from getting attached and damaging your stuff.


Dog grooming has these benefits and more. You get to keep your dog smelling fresh, and you get to save money on veterinary visits and professional pet groomers. You may have to spend some money on the right essential grooming tools, but you’ll end up saving more in the end. Other people will love your dog, and you’ll have a closer relationship.