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Submitted by: Gordonyv Whitey

Nowadays, a great number of people are greatly emphasizing the growing need of feeling good, looking good, and living longer. Several scientific evidences revealed that exercise and fitness are among the keys to achieve such ideals. If you’re a person tagged as a couch potato or if you have a deskbound job, you will need sheer determination, commitment, and dedication to incorporate exercise/fitness in your day-to-day routine.

If you think that exercise is just for supermodels and Olympic enthusiasts, then you’re quite wrong. The truth is you’re not too young, too old, or unfit to start exercising. Regardless of gender, age, or your family role, you can expect a great deal of benefits from regular exercise. In fact, you can achieve 24-hour fitness if you’re really that determined. How?

Well, it’s very simple. But if you’re not committed to it, you will get nowhere. Once you’ve committed to achieve 24 hour fitness, you must start having a balanced diet combined with exercise. This will help in providing you generally with good health. Aside from that, chronic illnesses can be prevented as well as premature death or disability.

Some of the benefits that you’ll obtain from practicing 24 hour fitness are:

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– improved health and well-being

– improved appearance

– increased stamina

– enhanced social and emotional life

Oftentimes, physical activity isn’t a part of an individual’s daily life and so getting moving can be a big problem. Most of today’s jobs require minimum physical exertion. Our society is mechanically mobile and machines do almost all the hard work. Many people prefer to observe how things are done for them, including children. Statistics reveal that more and more health problems like obesity, diabetes, and other health conditions are rising. But don’t lose hope yet because preventive medicine still works. One very good preventive measure is to practice 24 hour fitness, so keep moving now.

If you want start your 24 hour fitness regimen, experts usually recommend getting a maximum of 30 minutes of physical activity. Make sure that you do it moderately everyday. You can do cycling; brisk walking, swimming, and/or just keeping yourself busy with household chores and repair. If you think 30 minutes is way too long, then you can always shorten activities to ten minutes at a time as long as it totals to 30 minutes per day.

Following a program can be very hard for the average individual, so instead you must decide to change a huge part of your lifestyle especially your unhealthy ways. This way, you can incorporate permanently all the necessary factors that contribute to 24 hour fitness. As you use your muscles, you’re actually contributing to fitness unknowingly. You can’t achieve fitness overnight; you must be able to do it gradually. Move from one simple activity to a vigorous activity. However, if you have an illness like that of cardio, it would be best to check first with your doctor. The same is also recommended for people over 40 years of age with high risk factors. If you want to achieve 24 hour fitness that will last for a lifetime, you must have consistency. Enjoy your exercise activities and never think that it’s an obligation on your part. Instead, think of it as a way to live longer.

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Jun 14

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Submitted by: Eliar Warren

Many individuals in today’s world are prone to anxiety and stress. With so much stimulus bombarding everyone regularly…at the workplace, in the home, on tv, in the media, in the news, all the distractions, mobile phones, the information overload…it’s really no big surprise to anyone that our mind and body max out and react with emotions and thoughts of tension.

Unpleasant situations can certainly trigger anxiety and stress to build up. Work and goal deadlines are a well known cause of stress. Guilt. Thoughts of demanding responsibility. Discord in the home, in marriages, and at work can create anxiety. Fear is another considerable cause of stress and anxiety.

Emotional stress is processed in different ways, depending on your personality. If not dealt with carefully, the building of stress may result in any number of physical and psychological issues. A few of these consist of increased hypertension, sleeping disorders, unpleasant dreams, skin ailments, stomach problems, worry, despression symptoms, impatience, moodiness, and headaches.

There are numerous very effective methods to decrease the stress in your life. Before you are able to do that, you have to be able to identify exactly what it is that’s causing the stress.

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Once you understand what that is, take a moment and think on specifically what’s stressing you out. Consider this…is being troubled about what’s stressing you changing a thing? Does it serve you in the slightest? Do the feelings of tension and anxiety bring you the outcomes you’re looking for? The answer is an absolute “no.” No measure of worry or stress is likely to alter ANY situation.

So what can you do to eliminate those undesirable feelings?

A very effective way to reduce stress and tension is to meditate. Meditation is one of the most extraordinary relaxation techniques for anxiety. Meditation enables you to get calm. It actually pushes you to be still. Meditation helps you to realign your ‘inner game’ so you can get back on the right track and vanquish the negativity.

How exactly does meditation do this? By using your breath. Plain and simple. Anytime you get in a state of mind or predicament where you’re stressing out, consciously discontinue what you’re doing. Right then and there. Become aware of what’s happening. Ask yourself, “Exactly why do I feel this way? What’s actually producing these feelings?” Identify it, right then and there, in the moment, as it’s occurring.

It is extremely important to do this. Don’t delay or make excuses to put it off and think it over later. You’ll only hold the negative thoughts in your body and also in your mind, emotionally. It’s important to let it go.

Find a place to sit down. Shut your eyes. At this point, draw in a long, gradual, deep breath.

Hold. Then slowly exhale, blowing out the breath completely. Repeat the process. Take in another long, deep breath. Hold it. Exhale.

By doing this straightforward meditation technique for anxiety, you can effectively get rid of a great deal of stress in your life. Once you get in the habit of catching yourself the very instant you’re feeling anxious, nervous, weighed down, or in a tense situation, incorporate this fast and effortless meditation to get calm and happy.

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